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Display feature

% DISPFEAT - Displays feature types as detected by PHASECONG. % % This function provides a visualisation of the feature types as detected % by PHASECONG. % % Usage:  im = dispfeat(ft, edgeim, 'l') % % Arguments:  ft     - A complex valued image giving the weighte...
  Matlab        Matlab     

C++ implementation of desktop calculators

This desktop calculator simple mathematical operations can be implemented, including operation functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and Division. Codes adopted after operation. For reference only, if there are errors, please correct me...
  小应用        C     

Java version of the simple fishing game

Program is the teacher's learning materials, relatively simple, for beginners to learn. To work correctly, move the nets by moving the mouse, click the left mouse button fishing, the effect is very good, have a complete picture, use threads, running display dynamic results. Consists of three parts,...
  Java Development        Java     

Get the color of a certain point on the screen using VB. NET

The code is written in VB.NET a form screen color grabber, the x, y coordinates of the screen can be set manually in the text box of the form, note cannot exceed the size of the screen, with VS2005, after you open the project, and can be run directly....
  GUI        VB     

Android 3D reflections

Implementing the 3D relection rotating desktop effect on Android platform, welcome to download, which contains source code, directly into the project directory can be downloaded, also hope that we can share more of the source...
  Java Development        Java     

Easy language to use JS to do RSA authentication

Easy language routines source QQ register RSA algorithms, create ScriptControl object implements QQ register in the RSA algorithm. Easy language routines source code belonging to advanced easy language tutorial....
  Algorithm        JavaScript     

STM32 SPI mutual communication (DMA) V3.5

STM32 SPI mutual communication (DMA) V3.5 two STM32 SPI interface, a slave, a master machine, DMA, fast....
  Embeded        C     

PHP version of online shopping Mall

PHP version of the Mall, merchandise management, shopping carts, billing functionality is already available, and fairly complete PHP shopping mall, it is a good reference. For PHP beginners great reference value....
  Web Framework        PHP     

Speaker recognition

Speech has evolved as a primary form of communicationbetween humans.The advent of digital technology,  gave us highly versatile digital processors with high speed, low cost and high power which enable researchers  to transform the analog speech signals in to digital speech sign...
  Matlab        Matlab     

Halcon and OpenCV image format conversion

C++ code: OpenCV Mat,iplImage Halcon Hobeject image format image formats conversion code. Includes: IplImage go Hobject,Mat go Hobject,Hobject go Mat,Hobject go IplImage. Halcon and for learning OpenCV image use, I hope to be helpful....
  Algorithm        C++     

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