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MIMO channel modelling

This is the Matlab simulation of MIMO channel modeling of program source code. Welcome to download and try.  Thank you all for your support!...
  Matlab        C     

OFDM channel estimation procedures

OFDM channel estimation source code, and pilot insertion, signals, LS,LMMS! Series-parallel transformation, QPSK tune, add training signal, analog, channel sinks...
  Communication        Matlab     

Tracking maneuvering target based on IMM algorithm

Maneuvering target tracking problem has been the focus of our research, achieve precision tracking of maneuvering targets, essential problem is to make the establishment of target motion model matches the actual target motion model. How model is currently used (MM), interacting multiple model (IMM),...
  Matlab        Matlab     

24c01-24c16 driver

STM32 driver for AT24c01-24c16 cards, can automatically identify the card type, card capacity. Including AT24C01-24C08-24C16 card reader....
  Embeded        C     

Lottery machine+ electronic clock based on 51 single-chip computer

Based on the single chip microcomputer ( AT89S52 ) As the core P0 Direct drive of Yang in the sink way digital make sync and lottery machines in a single step. In the function mode switch button, start button , stop button control under the mode of drawing, four digital display, winning numbers, and...
  课程设计        C     

DCT transform Image Watermarking

Watermark DCT transform of image processing, MATLAB code, contains a number of algorithm of the original code can be directly run. Watermark DCT transform of image processing, MATLAB code, contains a number of algorithm of the original code can be run directly....
  Image Processing        Matlab     

Audio equalizer

An equalizer is a device that processes audio signals.  Modifies the frequency content of the signal processing. For this, changing the amplitudes of the Fourier coefficients,  which results in different amounts for each frequency. This will independently vary the intensity of th...
  Matlab        Matlab     

Blind prediction of natural video quality

 We propose a blind (no reference or NR) video quality evaluation model that is nondistortion specific. The approach relies on a spatio-temporal model of video scenes in the discrete cosine transform domain, and on a model that characterizes the type of motion occurring in the scenes, to predic...
  Image Processing        Matlab     

No-reference Image Quality Assessment based on Spatial and Spectral Entropies

We develop an efficient general-purpose no-reference (NR) image quality assessment (IQA) model that utilizes local spatial and spectral entropy features on distorted images. Using a 2-stage framework of distortion classification followed by quality assessment, we utilize a support vector machine (SV...
  Image Processing        Matlab     

Implementation of chromatic dispersion in muti-channel RZ-DPSK system

Effects of Chromatic Dispersion in single and multichannel fiber-optic communication systems  The recent years have witnessed resurgent interest in coherent optical communications. Advanced digital modulation formats such as DPSK, DQPSK, and MSK have been demonstrated at 40Gbps over...
  Matlab        Matlab     

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