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Simple and efficient matrix inversion program in Fortran

! Description: calculating Inverse matrices ! !----------------------------------------------------- ! Contains : ! 1. driver driver functions ! 2. solve method Already proven, efficient and simple...
  gps      Fortran     

GetExtendedAttributes and InitializeReportForID work from Win 2000

1.0.34 introduces several Windows version dependent methods. GetExtendedAttributes and InitializeReportForID work from Win 2000 on whereas GetInputReport and SetOutputReport work from Wiin XP on. The component still works in Win 9x, but the new methods simply fail. To make that possible HID....
  Disk Tools        Delphi     

WMI File Explorer

Retrieve information about files, folders and perform many task like copy, rename, delete and  compress....
  software        Delphi     

Algorithm of Image Denoising

Image denoising This algorithm may not be very competent but it still gave appreciable results as I made them on my own  without any background on image processing. What I have done is, First found out the irregular value in  3X3 matrix, which could possibly be noise. By ir...
  Algorithm        Matlab     

Genetic Algorithm Code

Attached file is for GA code implemented by Java language. This is a nice practice for genetic algorithm. Please refer to the original webpage-link for further information or questions....
  Algorithm        Java     

corejava programe

Interview related corejava programs (oops, collection, threading, synchronization, exception) and some basicconcept about logic's of real-time scenario....
  Windows        Java     

GSM code for home automation using bluetooth

This project demonstrates a Smart home device which can control things automatically by taking decisions based on sensor network or using manual control using your phone over Bluetooth or GSM. Which means if you are inside the house you can use You can control your appliances using bluetooth when ou...
  Embeded        C     

Adaptive Non local means filter for speckle restrain

Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, adaptive Non local means filter for speckle restrain...
  Matlab        Matlab     

Forward Backward Sweep Algorithm For Radial Distribution System

The forward–backward algorithm is an inference algorithm for hidden Markov models which computes the posterior marginals of all hidden state variables given a sequence of observations/emissions , i.e. it computes, for all hidden state variable...
  Matlab        Matlab     

Dynamic face detection with color histogram and camshift algorithm

Box selection with the mouse needs to detect objects based on the color histogram, dynamic testing, if the closer color histogram attributes for the selected object will cause the test to fail if box selected laptop camera to track a face, if there is a block face, tracking human faces will appear....
  Image Processing        C++     

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