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MSP430 Bluetooth wireless transmission

It comes from TI's MSP430F20xx esamples and it has been readjusted to be used with the Launchpad.This snippet is particularly useful if you need to send data from sensors to a serial bluetooth module.The program transmits the data stored in the TXByte variable on the serial line at 2400 baud.It's pr...

Fast RSA Cryptosystem Implementation Using the Chinese Remainder Theorem

// RSATestFast: Test Fast RSA Implementation import java.math.*; // for BigInteger import java.util.*; // for Random public class RSATestFast { public static void elapsedTime(long startTime) { long stopTime = System.currentTimeMillis(); double elapsedTime = ((double)(stopTime...

Three dimensional path planning algorithm based on Ant Colony algorithm

Three dimensional robot path planning algorithm of intelligent control in the field of hot issues, refers to the robot automatically in a three dimensional map charting a path from the starting-point to the target point to meet the optimum. Relative to the path planning algorithm for two-dimensional...

fira 11v11 v

Chengdu University of fira 11v11 source fileSoccer Robot Simulation Group SimuroSot11vs11 of the source. Contains policy documents and position papersstrategy.cppposition.cpp...

Decision tree classification algorithm, c4.5, java language described...

Decision tree classification algorithm, c4.5, java language described...

ID3 algorithm, JAVA realization

Classical data mining algorithms ---- ID3 algorithm, JAVA, which could be run for beginners...

id3 decision tree algorithm in Datamining

 Build a decision tree with the specified data set files. * @param dataSetName the base name of the .names, .data and .test files  * Compute Gain for the specified data distribution * @param stateEntropy the entropy of the data before it splits on an attribute * @param br...

STM8 example program ADC

ST company stm8s microcontroller application example ADC, ADC is used, test can be used, I hope it can  help everyone ....

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