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Tribal war game source code

Application backgroundTravian is a free, no need to download any client, based on the browser to run the large-scale online strategy game, produced by the German Travian company. There are 26 language versions, players throughout the world, known as the best German web game. Players only need to pro...

cadlib demo

NET applications with CadLib 4. CadLib makes it very easy to use C#,VB. NET or any other. NET language of DWG and DXF files. This is done by providing you with a complete type safety, integrated file and sample solution. CadLib renders is high quality and easy to integrate in your applications. Disp...

CAN Bus Driver

CAN driver developed for microchip p18f2685 8 bit controller. Code contains dummy application for CAN driver(To send and receive messages.) You can create database in Canalyzer and test the can application...

HMM for speech recognition Matlab code

Dtw-DTW algorithm demoMfcc.m-MFCC parameter calculation programDTW.m-basic DTW algorithmDtw2.m-optimize the DTW algorithmTestdtw.m-DTW test procedureVAD.m-activity detection programContinuous Gaussian mixture HMM cdhmm-demoPDF.m-Gaussian probability density functionMixture.m-output probability of Ga...

HMM algorithm for hidden Markov models for reasoning

Hidden Markov models (Hidden Markov Model,HMM) is a statistical model, which is used to describe an underlying Markov process with unknown parameters of the. Its difficulty is determined from the observable parameters that the implicit parameter. Then uses these parameters to further analysis, such...

EM algorithm and parameter estimation for HMM

EM algorithm and parameter estimation for HMM and Viterbi algorithm, the forward algorithm and backward algorithm, Baum-Welch algorithm Matlab code, plus a learning note....


Read DWG, DXF files, and to DWG, DXF diagram shows the interface....

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