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4-axis stepper motor acceleration-deceleration control for STM32

STM32-based 4-axis stepper motor acceleration/deceleration control complete project source code, including STM32F103 and STM32F405; you are in control of 4-axis stepper motor acceleration-deceleration; rate can reach above 100K; source algorithm is based on the AVR446:Linear of speed control of step...

Efficient stepping motor T type S ladder curve SpTA acceleration and deceleration control algorithm THB612 STM32

STM32 based on the stepper motor S curve control algorithm and abroad more popular SpTA algorithm.& nbsp; & nbsp; algorithm SpTA has better adaptability and control effect is better, especially suitable for transplantation realizes in the CPLD\FPGA of multi-channel (how many IO, you can control the...

STM32 stepping motor plus deceleration program

Application backgroundCan be used to the automation, mechanical hand and so need to accurately control the stepper or servo motor occasions, can greatly save costs.Key TechnologyIt can be gradually added to the speed of 3000, ladder and triangle to accelerate the speed of the automatic calculation o...

GPS_INS position combination

Application backgroundA navigation system combined with two or more than two or more than types of navigation equipment, such as aircraft and ships, etc.. Integrated navigation is the result of modern navigation theory and technology development. Each single navigation system has its own unique prop...

Introduction to OpenCV3 programming

The compressed package from Mao Xingyun to share, in order to adapt to the development of opencv3.0, all code written based on opencv3.0, a total of 10 chapters. Each chapter has several routines. Can quickly start to the new opencv3.0, covers the basic OpenCV image and video processing, for beginne...

Test of ADC output SNR, the ADC outputs a digital signal is converted to analog signal seeking SNR-pipelined ADC SNR

Test of ADC output SNR, the ADC outputs a digital signal is converted to analog signal seeking SNR-pipelined ADC SNR...

NLM C++ non-local average denoising algorithm

NLM C++  is the NLM  C  of the program source code, non-local average denoising algorithm in noise reduction benefits, good results. Could try to use it, read the article people should be aware of its effects for everyone to share, share it....

Java Content Based Image Retrieval (cbir)

JCBIR is a Content Based Image Retrieval System using Wavelet Transform and K-Means Clustering developed in Java. JCBIR have developed as a Final Project in Information Retrieval Lecture at Institute Technology of Sepuluh Nopember Algorithms of this application based on this paper (1) , but we've...

QTester104 IEC 60870-5-104 protocol tester.

This software implements the IEC60870-5-104 protocol for substation data acquisition and control via tcp/ip network using the QT UI Framework. It can be compiled on Linux and Windows platforms. It's possible to poll and view data from the substation system (RTU/concentrator) and also send commands....

MFC open the camera, take pictures

mfc open the camera, camera, single shot, five burst Off camera. Save video, cancel the save using opencv...

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