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FFT embed using S32

Embedded devices using the FFT algorithm. 2 base-based Curry- based. Data types, to replace float S32. Errors can be controlled. Error macro definitions. STM32F103 on series CPU, running at 72MHz, 256, requires less than 5ms. Algorithm and further optimize space in data...
  Embeded        C     

Simulation of PWM rectifier based on MATLAB

MATLAB simulation of PWM rectifier. Only done in simulation of single-phase case. Current distortion due to traditional silicon controlled rectifier, and more and more devices using PWM rectifier mode. DC capacitor voltage control is achieved. Simulation results is feasible....
  Matlab        Matlab     

Super Mario

Hello everyone, this is a Super Mario enhanced version of the source package, which well, details of which website have forgotten, I feel pretty good on the upload...
  游戏        C++     

MATLAB simulation of active filter

MATLAB simulation of shunt active power filter. Simulation of single-phase rectifier is used as the load to simulate in practice due to the rectifier load current distortion. Simulation based on instantaneous reactive power theory, to compensate the current waveform. Also, using PWM rectifier DC cap...
  Matlab        Matlab     

Flex OLAP programming example

For Demo: Running OLAPAppInFlex.zipOLAPAppInFlexbin-debugOLAPAppInFlex.swf directly (OLAPAppInFlex.html). For run/modify the code: 1. use the Flex Builder import OLAPAppInFlex.zip. 2. Run OLAPAppInFlex....
  Flex      JavaFX     

An effective three-step based on block-matching motion estimation algorithm

In order to reduce the computational complexity of the algorithm of motion estimation and reliability to improve image Super-resolution reconstruction, proposed an effective three-step search algorithm. This algorithm uses multiple-step search strategy based on motion vector distribution center offs...
  Matlab        Matlab     

Select information from the two images, and scrambled to make a picture.

Main idea is to pick up the information from the two images, and scrambled to make a picture. Doing so enables sites to be encrypted (2*n painting) images, in accordance with the above idea, get half that amount (n painting) images. An adaptive algorithm for image hiding, get (n-1) picture images....
  Matlab        Matlab     

Serial communication example SPComm (XE5)

Serial communication example SPComm (XE5) SPCOMM controlling parts Delphi serial communication  Spcomm tandem delivery controls toolbar has many characteristics of Xian Cheng, reception, and goes to give ' data respectively in the number two online ride finished, Xian Cheng received...
  Windows        Delphi     

Opengl and MFC joint programming plot point

Using the C++ language, using OpenGL in MFC realize the point cloud display, and points to a text file. Based on point cloud coordinates txt text reading, three dimensional display of point clouds, and includes mobile zoom function. For an entry-level friends learning OpenGL....
  OpenGL        C++     

Defrag C code

Defrag source - Defrag utility shows algorithm to move data on one end of the disk. Defragmentations helps to save space on disk, but affects performance of applications...
  Windows Kernel        C     

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