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webrtc video conferencing demo

Based on a video conferencing system webrtc developed using ptop call communicate, js, html5 video interface...

Efficient stepping motor T type S ladder curve SpTA acceleration and deceleration control algorithm THB612 STM32

STM32 based on the stepper motor S curve control algorithm and abroad more popular SpTA algorithm.& nbsp; & nbsp; algorithm SpTA has better adaptability and control effect is better, especially suitable for transplantation realizes in the CPLD\FPGA of multi-channel (how many IO, you can control the...

Save break KTK3

Application backgroundA exe   for; I wanna kill the kamilia3 you can use it break the all all and stage secret It's...

Matlab call VISSIM drawing IQA delay method

The realization of IQA delay method using MATLAB call the VISSIM COM interface to calculate and draw the vehicle image, we welcome the exchange of MALTAB and VISSIM COM programming interface.Platform:WINDOS 7MALTAB 2013AVISSIM 4.3...

Message Board on express way with variable information in matlab

This is based on the interface example included with vissim- a traffic simulation software. Matlab is used to enable the information changing function on the message board. VISSIM file used  is from the example of  COM interface. The programme is also based on the example. Welcom...

OpenCV optical flow sample program

Sparse optical flow demo This program at Stanford University, Daniel David Stavens prepared in 2007, with program notes detail, equipped with PPT and PDF explaining the pictures, very suitable for beginners to learn to use. This program uses VC++ mix opencv2.6 of writing together, users need in co...

Tribal war game source code

Application backgroundTravian is a free, no need to download any client, based on the browser to run the large-scale online strategy game, produced by the German Travian company. There are 26 language versions, players throughout the world, known as the best German web game. Players only need to pro...

cadlib demo

NET applications with CadLib 4. CadLib makes it very easy to use C#,VB. NET or any other. NET language of DWG and DXF files. This is done by providing you with a complete type safety, integrated file and sample solution. CadLib renders is high quality and easy to integrate in your applications. Disp...

CAN Bus Driver

CAN driver developed for microchip p18f2685 8 bit controller. Code contains dummy application for CAN driver(To send and receive messages.) You can create database in Canalyzer and test the can application...

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