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JQuery-like slot machines, lottery special effects

19 minutes ago    By:252207085      View:55      Download:3

JQuery-like slot machines, lottery draw code, very effective, HTML5, mobile PC Android Apple effectively...

Web Framework JavaScript

PSO-SVM algorithm

25 minutes ago    By:yaqingyxgs      View:76      Download:3

Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm for support vector machine download I wrote it, it runs very quickly,  share with everyone, let's learn and communicate Just change the data path can be run directly...

Algorithm C

The MATLAB source code for feature selection Genetic Algorithm for high dimensional data

29 minutes ago    By:Pedram      View:224      Download:1

In the computer science field of artificial intelligence, a genetic algorithm (GA) is a search heuristic that mimics the process of natural selection. This heuristic (also sometimes called a metaheuristic) is routinely used to generate useful solutio...

Matlab Matlab

IT men Special-purpose special express program

5 hours ago    By:暂昊      View:66      Download:5

This program is a small creative program, a software developer for relax, made a express program of an applet, very interesting, relevant knowledge of the c programming language is used, can be very good to use c language program, combining theory and practice....

C程序 C

Face recognition sunlightface

6 hours ago    By:wust_pw      View:217      Download:11

Face recognition accuracy rate of 97.18%, 1 second to complete. Can be complex, and remains true in the context of light work, and supports more people face in one scene on the detection, identification, validation. Wearing glasses and black can also detect and identify. Detects human faces from va...

Graph C++

Network debugging assistant

7 hours ago    By:nwpurain      View:556      Download:33

This source code introduces the principle of SOCKET communications. Using C++ To achieve the basic multicast, broadcast and unicast communications. It will be of helpful to understand SOCK communications....

网络通信 C++

Target tracking based on Kalman filter (with thesis)

11 hours ago    By:人帅是非多      View:587      Download:21

This program is based on the paper "the application of Kalman filter in target tracking" documents, written in MATLAB simulation program, and comes with a test report, the report describes in detail the whole process from modeling to simulation results, the reader can refer to the program,...

Matlab Matlab

STM32 source code for rotorcraft flight control

11 hours ago    By:zhyunhao      View:694      Download:23

This is the STM32 flight control source code. It contains many control algorithms which are very helpful for everyone....

嵌入式系统 C

Online survey system

9 hours ago    By:二十八画生      View:160      Download:8

1. System uses MYECLIPSE7 JDK1.5 To compile the source code 2. JAVA EE 采用 JAVA EE 5 3. 打开 MYECLIPSE ,导入 PROJECT FROM EXIST PROJECT INTO WORKSPACE 。 4. All codes are used UTF-8 5. Email:

Java Development Java

Identification of Diabetic Retinopathy Stages using Digital Fundus Images using Imaging

5 hours ago    By:miss raneem      View:75      Download:10

Diabetic-related eye disease is a major cause of preventable blindness in the world. It is a complication of diabetes which can also affect various parts of the body. When the small blood vessels have a high level of glucose in the retina, the vision will be blurred and can cause blindness eventu...

Matlab Matlab

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