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Move and resize a control (class)

Move and resize a control (classes), and online for ideas then made the appropriate modifications. Eventually packaged into separate classes. Can be called directly....
  Windows        C#     

unity3d Xffect Editor

Unity3d Xffect effects plug-in Editor Pro special effects editor Professional Edition, the built-in Demo,  you can reference for learners...
  unity 特效        C#     

DIB manipulation class (most complete)

I wrote it myself, operate BMP files and bitmap data class, powerful, rich in content, worth downloading...
  Image Processing        C++     

Unity3D links to MySQL

Unity3D links to MySQL, for unity for beginners to learn how to use...
  数据库        C#     

Mesa de audio controler

Projeto Mesa 01 controler com Picf877a, versao 1 sem lcd...
  Communication        C     

How to upload picture and save picture information to database using extended database class method

This project is designed to upload picture into a picture folder and upload resized picture into four different folders which are sub folders of picture folder. The project contain two major folders (include and public folder), your will find the front end activities program in the public folder whi...
  Image Processing        PHP     

Battery Charging Discharding model

This is a very basic model of battery charging and discharging Behavior. Please refer the notes on the model itself for further info....
  Matlab        Matlab     

Automatic generation control

Power generating system has the responsibility to ensure that adequate power is delivered to the load, both reliably and economically. Any electrical system must be maintained at the desired operating level characterized by nominal frequency and voltage profile. But the ability of th...
  book        PDF     

PID based ANN

PID based neural network in matlab7;The present control technique can save the time for searching the optimal PID gains in any sea states....
  Matlab        Matlab     

MPC based PID controller

MPC control of a double integrator. This very simple demonstration shows how to use MPC to control a boiler under input saturation....
  Matlab        Matlab     

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