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HelixAAC decoder

Helix AAC audio decoder source code, but the sound quality, the speed is very fast! Will upload later corresponding encoder code, please conjunction with!...

Extracting Delphi camera QR code

Delphi on the PC, open the camera, grab a two-dimensional representation of the ticket, and decode support the decoding of images in Chinese and English....

HBase GUI client

HBase GUI clients like database client tools HBase query, add, modify, delete, and query key and query results can be 16 hexadecimal or string display Add Modify and delete HTable File size is too large, remove part of the jar package, can go to a website based on the version you...

The basic principles of ant colony algorithm to improve the ant colony algorithm

The basic principles of ant colony algorithm to improve the ant colony algorithm, such as detailed information, very comprehensive!...

Onvif Device Manager source code

Onvif device manager supports playback equipment sniffer....

Stock trading system

Application backgroundSoftware engineering foundation, the realization of a stock exchange client, the back-end using PHP to achieve. Can simulate the stock exchange, information query and other functionsKey TechnologyBased on the browser's system, the back-end uses php to achieve....

Azureus is a powerful, full

Azureus is a powerful, full-featured, cross-platform java BitTorrent client...

doa estimation using esprit algorithm

This program permit to localize target from angel of arrival estimation using ESPRIT (Estimation of Signal Parameters by Rotational Invariance Techniques) which is an algorithm used for frequency estimation and emitter location...


ESPRIT algorithm MATLAB simulation program...

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