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Extended Calman filter code

The code described in detail the Calman filter prediction, analysis steps, while there are many notes, for beginners to learn....

RTSP video transmission

Leveraging Real Time Streaming Protocol Protocol for video streaming transmission, using ffmpe video decoding decoder g, code debugging, please feel free to use....

Stepper motor positive inversion code

Be positive control ///// stepper motor is suitable for beginners SCM...

Windows Programming , Fifth Edition sample source code

The fifth edition of Windows programming CD source, VS can compile....


The system is based on the MT4 trading platform, and MT4 trading platform seamless. The main realization of the MT4 member management functions, members can achieve online account / automatic out of / into the gold / internal transfer and other functions, and MT4 server docking, integrated online tr...

Traffic sign segment-related code

Extraction of color components in the image, you can then split the traffic sign recognition for positioning,  including Hough circle detection, a specific color extraction, thresholding, edge detection, etc., you can refer to...

ATK-NEO-6M GPS module test, punctual atomic STM32 development board routines

Application backgroundPunctual atomic (library function version, suitable for MiniSTM32 development board) expansion experiment 12 ATK-NEO-6M GPS module experiment...

Qualcomm sensor test source code

Qualcomm's sensor test source code, REG operation, data read, and very detailed, is very helpful for beginners this people....

Hikvision surveillance source

Hikvision monitoring source code, the use of equipment for Hikvision network monitoring equipment, providing the jar package can modify the source equipment IP, monitor their own monitoring equipment, the Android source code using the eclipse development tools development, can directly import operat...


agreement IPMI support of the revenue-raising package API. Server hardware can develop condition monitoring procedures....

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