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nsga-ii binary

Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm II (NSGA-II) as binary method...
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H264 bare data stream encapsulated into MP4 format

H264 stream directly encapsulated into mp4 file, MP4 file, all the data is encapsulated in the box, which is  composed of several sub-box, each box can also contain further sub box, and each box has a length and type....
  Image Processing        C++     

Artificial intelligence computational

Particle swarm optimization (PSO) relies on its learning strategy to guide its search direction. Traditionally, each particle utilizes its historical best experience and its neighborhood’s best experience through linear summation. Such a learning strategy is easy to use, but is inefficient when se...
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This program analyzez 2 dimension matrix in matrix anlayzez lesson in civil engineering course at university. I studied this course at univesity of birjand...
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Segy reads

Seismic data processing, you need the appropriate data types, data types there are many, segy, su formats,  etc., where you can read the data using matlab segy format for matlab programming internal calculations,  convenient and simple....
  Matlab        Matlab     

Chinese provinces latitude and longitude coordinates of the library, as well as examples of demo

To Century Internet to do a project, provinces and cities nationwide latitude and longitude coordinates to  crawl from Taobao Index, very easy to use. Comes with dynamic maps nationwide sample demo. Because  resources are dynamically introduced, can not access the file directly...
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Histogram Equalization

# This file is automatically generated by Android Tools. # Do not modify this file -- YOUR CHANGES WILL BE ERASED! # # This file must be checked in Version Control Systems. # # To customize properties used by the Ant build system edit # "ant.properties", and override values to adapt the script...
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Multi-class support vector machine

Multi-classification program code on IRIS data set, carried out a detailed classification training and prediction  accuracy, carried out a detailed classification of the preparation to obtain a high accuracy to achieve a  multi-classification experiment....
  Matlab        Matlab     

CMA blind equalization algorithm

CMA equalization algorithm is simple and easy to operate.  When p = 2, Godard algorithm called the CMA which is Bussgang blind equalization algorithms class the most commonly used, with a low computational complexity, easy-to-real-time implementation, convergence and good performance, etc., ha...
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Party applications (LBS)

By initiating party invitations to friends, organize parties client.  Related to the map, positioning, messaging, contacts, cloud server communications.  Without permission, can not be used for commercial purposes...
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