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Android mobile remote monitoring program (application and server)

Application backgroundC/S mode Android mobile remote monitoring program   with the following functionsGet contact informationGet call informationGet SMS messageGPS/ network locationReal time monitoring receive short messagesReal-time access to mobile phone statusPhotographThe bellVideo recordin...

Modify the legend of the original side version 1.76

Modified version of the legendary original side version 1.70 1.76 1.76 retro legends development, server-side without any restrictions, all settings are Grand original base version, brushless monster and burst rate for the server file, developed their own sets....

cantilever piezoelectric

avc of a piezo cantilever using pzt materials % **(1)** Modeling the PZT sensor using the Pin-Force method % **(2)** Modeling the PZT sensor using the Enhanced Pin-Force mrthod % **(3)** Modeling the PZT sensor using the Euler Bernoulli method %the Pin-force method assumes that the strain...

sliding mode control for robotic manipulator

variable structure systems employing sliding surface with error control. the system under consideration is a two degree of freedom robotic manipulator...

2DPSK modem 2

SystemView 2DPSK modulation and demodulation , and that SVU files, useful for understanding SystemView, useful for 2dpsk course design. The 2dpsk system of modulation and demodulation processes....

ollydbg anti assembler source code 1.09c part, there is no graphical interface.....

ollydbg anti assembler source code 1.09c part, there is no graphical interface...

Android 语音识别源码

Android有一个非常酷的特性很多开发者都还不知道。Any.DO之类应用的语音到文本转换功能很有创意。在现在Siri的世界里,语音指令是极其重要的。Android原生提供Speech To Text功能,为什么不把它用在我们的程序中!...

HART from software

Contribute to HART products, buy. HART7.1 slave Protocol, and wish everyone a lot of praise, certainly useful...

Median Filter

Development of FPGA-based 3*3 template Median Filter, filter disadvantage is that the image is blurred, because it is treated in the same way to all points, the noisy, Assessed at the same time, to landscape border crossing points were also assessed. In order to improve its effectiveness, w...

ns2 simulation

this script tcl simulate mobile nodes that move between different base stations. the network is divided into domains and each domain is divided into clusters....

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