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To achieve a supermarket pos machine management system, replacement front and back office management....
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An antenna is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “a usually metallic device (as a rod or wire) for radiating or receiving radio waves.” The IEEE Standard Definitions of Terms for Antennas (IEEE Std 145–1983)∗ defines the antenna or aerial as “a means for radiating or receiving radi...
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Genetic algorithm-MATLAB

Introduction of genetic algorithm with elitist-MATLAB, describes in detail the whole GA process, and on the basis of genetic algorithm based, elitism is introduced. Significantly improve the performance of the original GA....
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Performance Evaluation of LTE Physical Layer Using SC-FDMA & OFDMA

Since past few decades different types of cellular networks were launched and went successful on the radio links such as  WiMAX, that became very popular because of its high data rate (70Mbps) and support for providing wireless internet services  over 50km distance. The UMTS Lo...
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Hrms in Asp

A “human resource category” (for example, consultant, programmer, etc.) is a way of classifying skills that is useful in matching resource requirements to particular people when developing the human resource plan for a project. The Human resource plan contains for each human resource categor...
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Programming project for implementation of stacks & queues using linked lists, hash table and binary search tree

Develop a Project using Linear and Non-Linear Data structures. Implementation of Stacks & Queues using Linked lists with the.Enqueue, Dequeue, Push, Pop, Display operations. Implementation of circular Linked List with .Insert Delete  Print Find operations Implementation of Binary...
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The application of matlab in the vibration signal processing

The code is some solutions of vibration signal processing in the matlab. It contains experience and tips of the autor.Maybe you can learn something after read it ....
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Brightness Of Image By Adding, Subtracting A Constant And Converting To Gray And Binary, Rgb Component Of An Image

Reading and Displaying the Image: In this we first read the image. For this we use ‘imread’. This is used for reading  and then after reading we display the image by using ‘imshow’. This shows the image.  Adding and subtracting a Constant to an Image: In thi...
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Constructing & Simulating a Mathematical Model of Longitudinal Helicopter Flight Dynamics

This paper will present detailed procedure of how to construct a basic mathematical model that represents general longitudinal helicopter flight dynamics. The procedure will start from linearizing the translational and rotational dynamics and rotational kinematics equations of motion using the...
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Web project for facial imge extraction

This is a desktop application. Many algorithms and architectures have been proposed over the years in an effort to identify an effective packet classification solution. Use of a high bandwidth and a small on-chip memory while the rule database for packet classification resides in...
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