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Android SMS interception horse (mobile phone + mail receiver) hidden icon to prevent the automatic operation of the boot

6 minutes ago    By:玖爱网络ʚɞ      View:57      Download:6

Application backgroundAt present, the latest 4.4-5.1  ,    ,  ,  ,,  ,,  , mobile phone and email can be received by the verification code, with instructions to control each other send text messages.  To control the number of open to intercept or stop the interceptio...

Java Java

This is a small

8 minutes ago    By:dzim      View:10      Download:1

This is a small-sized program written under the .net circumstance.It will show you how to use a printer and realize printing preview,you ll benefit a lot by a single glance!...

Printing program Others

Network debugging assistant

27 minutes ago    By:nwpurain      View:705      Download:40

This source code introduces the principle of SOCKET communications. Using C++ To achieve the basic multicast, broadcast and unicast communications. It will be of helpful to understand SOCK communications....

网络通信 C++

PHP online test source code

15 minutes ago    By:穆思蕾      View:193      Download:4

Lot of things ~ ~ But not too applies to beginners, this is an online examination system, there are a lot of issues can be added, short answer question, multiple choice, multiple choice, and so on. Can appear immediately after the exam scores....

software PHP

SIEMENS S7200 Communications

17 minutes ago    By:qxiaobaitu      View:11      Download:2

Application backgroundThis is C# realization of Siemens S7200 PLC and host computer driven development, can be used to obtain the data of PLC, using PPI Protocol Serial Driver, source code to read and write PLC real-time data, the effect is good.Key TechnologyC# S7 - 200 PLC and PC communication, PP...

C# C#

MATLAB implementation of fuzzy C means clustering (FCM)

34 minutes ago    By:njwhat      View:60      Download:2

Application backgroundDepartment of mathematics, graduate design, there are a lot of associated with the fuzzy mathematics. The title of my speech is on the validity of fuzzy clustering analysis, FCM algorithm is the indispensable part, here I will two iterative forms of FCM algorithm matlab code wr...

算法 Matlab

Vehicle license plate recognition based on MATLAB

36 minutes ago    By:mac9374      View:92      Download:1

The entire source code can be run, realized the license plate image preprocessing, license plate location, morphological filters, vehicle license plate character segmentation, license plate recognition, and other functions....

Image Processing Matlab

Seis88, the synthetic seismogram

39 minutes ago    By:nelsonhxg111      View:29      Download:3

Includes calculation of ray tracing, ray tracing drawings, theoretical calculations, theoretical picture diagram to the study of seismic forward modeling help...

Windows Fortran

The forward, for starters is playing in helping

40 minutes ago    By:nelsonhxg111      View:17      Download:1

Synthesis of Green's functions, calculating seismic records, using reflection coefficient method for synthetic seismograms using convolution function...

Windows Fortran

OPC client development source code

47 minutes ago    By:点不燃的蜡烛      View:47      Download:1

Application backgroundThe C# written read OPC server source code examples, the components OPCDAAuto.dll library development OPCClient, and most of the configuration software, Kingview, three-dimensional force control) are tested to be possible the normal operation.Key TechnologyOPC (industrial stand...


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