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The hospital management information system

Weifang hospital management information system. This system is written in Java language, involves the programming tools for Eclipse, the database uses is MySql. Below I will describe in detail the overall set. This system is used in c/s mode, the interface is simple and intuitive and easy to...
  GUI        Java     

Rental management system

Rental management system written in Java, database, Mysql. Realization of publishing information, delete, find information, and other functions. Registered users using Ajax, the effect is very good. System embedded inside a Forum Web page....
  Java Development      JSP     

USB serial

USB serial is synthesizable VHDL code, implementing  serial data transfer over USB. Combine with a UTMI-compatible USB transceiver chip, this core acts as a USB device that transfer a byte stream in both directions over the bus...
  FPGA      VHDL     

OFDM modulation and demodulation

This is one based on OFDM modulation, in which subcarrier 16QAM, more accessibly, I see more than a day, to fully appreciate, man for OFDM, ideas clear, helps the reader a better understanding of OFDM technology...
  Matlab        Matlab     

Dsp6713 ucos porting

This program using  dsp6713 chip,  transplant ucos2 operating system and programming environment is ccs3.3....
  Embeded        C     

TS demuxer

This is one of the most fundamental TS package code, TS Foundation by viewing the source code can be learning support, such as PAT, PMT structure, etc, or you can learn the basics of multimedia support! This code is not ported from VLC, but exactly in accordance with ISO TS 188 bytes of the document...
  多媒体        C++     

delphi help in chm format

This is the Delphi 7 help file in chm format. Welcome to download and try. Thank you very much for your support!...
  Document        Delphi     

path planning for mobile robot

Astatre algorithm for navigation mobile robot. this algorithm is suitable and efficient  for tracking path. ...
  Matlab        Matlab     

Sparse Autoencoder

Stanford University Professor Andrew Ng UFLDL open class from the encoder to practice, after I finished code, and Andrew Ng's expected results are consistent, and which has been vectorized programming, programs run very efficient; the training data set, optimization of third-party code are also incl...
  Graph        Matlab     

Kalman filter program

Very good two-dimensional MATLAB, Kalman filtering, static and dynamic goal tracking process can also be modified and extended to it in three dimensional space, thin strips for parameters to be able to get very good results,hope it will be of help!...
  目标追踪        Matlab     

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