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MATLAB image processing codes

20 seconds ago    By:yueqiaohuayuan      View:882      Download:56

MATLAB language image processing, such as images of open, heavy, close, vertical mirror image, horizontal image, gray scale, and color histogram equalization, image enhancement, smoothing and sharpening, plus noise, such as salt and pepper noise Gaussian noise, multiplicative noise, Poisson noise, e...

Matlab Matlab

Face recognition sunlightface

41 seconds ago    By:wust_pw      View:73      Download:4

Face recognition accuracy rate of 97.18%, 1 second to complete. Can be complex, and remains true in the context of light work, and supports more people face in one scene on the detection, identification, validation. Wearing glasses and black can also detect and identify. Detects human faces from va...

Graph C++

SSH framework integration

42 seconds ago    By:yan      View:174      Download:1

Based on Struts2.0+ hibernate +spring +JSP + JavaScript Framework integration web Applications. Projects using SSH+ Oracle complete admin section. Web site page is divided into front and back-end website management in two parts, Front Desk includes product display, submit orders, Guest...

Web Framework Java

Crazy Android handouts source

1 minutes ago    By:j_zh      View:154      Download:3

Lectures on the crazy Android presents a thorough introduction to Android application development-related knowledge. Offered here is a crazy Android handouts source , Android handouts, sample code is crazy. Altogether the book includes hundreds of instances, the model instance can be used to help th...

Android Java

Banking System

1 minutes ago    By:Naeemq71      View:58      Download:1

t is the  Banking system management software is so designed as to ease the work load of professionals. The main feature includes vouchers , debit, credit and  accounting, client and vendor management. This software helps you to track all the profits, loss, profitable....

DataBase VB

Camera + image processing+communications, four-axle vehicle positioning

5 minutes ago    By:taozhengxin      View:135      Download:3

My teammates and I made four-axis design for electronic design contest, we use the STM32 as image processing chip And information to deal with the M4. Tracks written by black squares, and returns the position of the aircraft black boxes information. The contest was finished, I'd like to sh...

Embeded C

A variety of microcontroller bootloader, Support ISP Downloads...

1 minutes ago    By:loverr      View:10      Download:1

A variety of microcontroller bootloader, Support ISP Downloads...

Other systems C++

ZigBee based on RSSI localization

3 minutes ago    By:rthwl      View:81      Download:2

RSSI-based ZigBee positioning, experience through a variety of algorithms and models, positioning accuracy is good. Cc2431 platform implementation, may be consulted and transplantation....

Embeded C

My favorite programming language ranking list(2014.11)

15 minutes ago    By:maninwest      View:191      Download:1

Please refer to for more details. This report only has Chinese version for this time being....

Other PDF

Shopping Carts in Java

5 minutes ago    By:tushar      View:188      Download:5

Online shopping cart based on MVC using Struts framework in J2EE with implementation of AJAX,JSP...

Java Development Java
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