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Examples of grid OPENGL

Application backgroundHello,everyone! In the world ,we always do something about 3D world , especially in the graphics processing. so owning an convenient 3D processing toolbox can help you do what you want.if there are the C++ langulage, you can setup the code in mex and do what you want ,you...

Legend Shop 电子商务软件 JAVA商城 JSP商城 独立网店系统 网购平台

Legend Shop是目前最完善的Java商城之一,功能强大,支持单用户,类似京东等B2C商城模式,也支持类似淘宝等多用户C2C商城模式,采用Lucence技术支持海量数据全文搜索。 是你驰骋电子商务界的利器。由于采用了最新的技术框架和s...

Wideband spectrum sensing

Application backgroundCognitive radio has emerged as one of the most promising candidate solutions to improve spectrum utilization in next generation cellular networks. A crucial requirement for future cognitive radio networks is wideband spectrum sensing: secondary users reliably detect spectral op...

Lane detection based on OpenCV

Based on opencv2.4.10, using the vs2013 c++ code compilation, video of the finish lane lane recognition. Along with the video playback can display real-time lane (in the inverse perspective transformations shown in the figure) because the perspective is pixel based on the interpolation method to get...

Shop online bookstore

Based online textbook store mvc mode, be written by jsp.With JAVA + JSP + Struts2 + Hibernate done online store, do a more comprehensive, user module, commodity browsing ... cart module, order module, of course, management background, including administrators management, user management, order manag...

IF97 water and steam properties calculated for C source code

Water and water vapor as an important working fluid in the power plant thermal power engineering has been widely used. Joint Study Group Germany, Russia, Britain, Canada and other G-7 12 scientists proposed a new formula for calculating water and steam, in the International Federation held in 1997 i...

Fuzzy clustering MATLAB code

Cluster validity evaluation criteria there are two: one is an external standard by measuring the clustering results and consistency of reference standards to evaluate the clustering results of excellent; the other is internal metrics, for evaluating the same clustering 算法 Different clustering cl...

Qian long keep up DOS version source code

Qian long stock analysis software online edition DOS version, source code, many securities companies have used classic products, information about software stocks have been a great help, this code is only for educational purposes, there is a higher commercial value, please don't spread....

An example SpringMVC+myBatis+easyUI

This is a management system, using SpringMVC+myBatis+EasyUi Framework implementation. This system is your information, management information, and other functions...

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