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69 Hall source

2 minutes ago    By:q99968877      View:42      Download:4

Anti-69 latest game list the nearest Fox network drama     test    could function like transplanted into it....

Windows开发 C++

US always color, PK10, 8! 6 together a source

5 minutes ago    By:斯蒂芬额外      View:5      Download:1

Application backgroundUS always color, PK10, 8! 6 together a sourceKey TechnologyUS every time the color PK10 happiness is very color betting program source code template   source code without encryption to upload database connection can be          ;...

Web网页开发 PHP

Multiple target tracking and OpenCV+vs

18 minutes ago    By:东成西就      View:718      Download:36

First with the background to complete the goal differential extraction, will be placed in the moving target relevant information to the list, the completion of multi-target tracking by frame difference, achieve real-time requirementsMoving target relevant information stored in the structure, it is p...

Image Processing C++

Crown mark six betting program source code database sanD

13 minutes ago    By:zsw8360      View:411      Download:34

Crown mark six betting procedures source sanD  source without encryption from the database with the database connection     is for learning source    do not apply illegal Web site...

Web Framework PHP

Four-axis aircraft STM32F103 program, schematic diagram

1 hours ago    By:Robot@HCS      View:150      Download:4

IAR-based platform, the library development axis source, NRF24L01 communications, has been in production batch! All code and schematics!...

IAR C hotel management system

1 hours ago    By:wang__meng      View:1978      Download:20

Based on c # .net written in hotel management system which comes with a database to complete all  of the features required for ordinary hotels...

DataBase C#

Open source software for video surveillance

1 hours ago    By:bawangflower      View:1208      Download:58

Based on .NET written in c #, multi window video surveillance systems, supports a variety of local as well as IP cameras. Support save and playback the video, video can be stored on the machine. Mobile phones and the Web version has, you can implement remote viewing camera screen....

CSharp C#

Decrypt Stored Passwords from Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer with C# and .NET

1 hours ago    By:maninwest      View:144      Download:6

Translated by maninwest@Codeforge Author:Mladen Stanisic@CodeProjectModern internet browsers offer user to save user name/password while logging to sites. Some third party applications can be used to extract this information. These applications are written in C++, and the source code I ran into whil...

.NET2.0 C#

GSM module communication source code

1 hours ago      View:109      Download:1

GSM communication source code, C++ language, use VC6.0 Editor to write code that hooks when the GSM module, normally with your phone to send and receive text messages, use Message Queuing, opened a worker thread to receive, parse, read SMS, send SMS and receive SMS messages, use mode for Message Que...

Communication C++

Quadrocopter program

1 hours ago    By:凌霄飞鱼      View:215      Download:8

STM32-based four-axle vehicle source code, MPU6050 and GPS and wireless transmission, for basic debugging four-axle vehicle must have the help function....

驱动 C

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