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Qt drawing program, using the QGraphicsView framework for the preparation of the drawing demo, to achieve the scaling, select, move, and other basic operations.

Use QGraphicsView Qt framework to write a drawing program, to achieve the creation of graphics, scaling, moving, rotation and other basic operations. Qt drawing for the beginner friends will help....

MATLABLE procedures for image fusion

Altogether three methods were used, the average weighted, IHS,PCA image fusion algorithm of remote sensing image and code based on MATLABLE, after testing the effect of good...

Gaussian mixture model based on OpenCV

Based on the realization of OpenCV hybrid Gauss background modeling, effective monitoring of moving objects...

_ average image fusion method _IHS_PCA

Application backgroundRemote sensing images are often used in image fusion, especially the panchromatic image and multi spectral image, this procedure can be very good fusion of remote sensing images and also for other multimodal or heterologous images can be fused.Key TechnologyCode mainly uses thr...

Gdal image stitching

In VC ++ based GDAL library complete image stitching function, splicing the image location, go for overlapping processing is handled behind the image will overwrite the previous image processing to calculate the spatial extent of all of the input file and set then the resolution of the image, the ca...

A panorama image stitching program written in c++



Very classic white balance algorithm, it is worth a look. There GAMMA correction auto exposure, do not forget to have needed to download ah, is not easy to find the...

Fisheye camera calibration and correction

Application backgroundOpencv inside the camera calibration calculations within the parameters of the matrix is used Zhang Zhengyou calibration method, very classic, MATLAB calibration toolbox is also used in the method.Opencv prepared by the image corner of the program, can identify the image corner...


Under Linux and aix between png and jpg image conversion cximage library!...

HTML5 background template set of adaptive WEB+ mobile terminal equipment

Application backgroundA set of adaptive website template, compatible with mobile phone side, stylish atmosphere, concise, looking for a long time to pull out a website, the collection of their own to share to everyone!...

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