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Stanford computer graphics OpenGL demo

5 minutes ago    By:begabug      View:109      Download:2

This program is from Stanford University, OpenGL graphics demo program, can use the mouse to control the viewpoint of location allows you to enlarge or reduce the size of the whole image, you can display a grid for the entire three-dimensional image information...

OpenGL C

My favorite programming language ranking list(2014.11)

1 hours ago    By:maninwest      View:802      Download:33

Please refer to for more details. This report only has Chinese version for this time being....

Other PDF

PCA+SVM face recognition systems using Matlab

42 minutes ago    By:嘻哈啦啦啦啦      View:256      Download:15

MATLAB PCA+SVM face recognition systems, dimensionality reduction using PCA, classification using SVM, recognition rate is good. Codes were debugged and passed....

Matlab Matlab

Personal information management system (java + MySQL)

1 hours ago    By:灵动小轩      View:253      Download:9

Personal information management system, delete, update, add friends, add notes, uploading and downloading stuff and some other functions, can be used directly...

Java开发 Java

Brain tumor detection based on MRI image analysis

2 hours ago    By:raycore      View:407      Download:21

Segmentation of anatomical regions of the brain is the fundamental problem in medical image analysis. The aim of this work is to design an automated tool for brain tumor quantification using MRI image data sets. A brain tumor segmentation method has to be developed and validate segmentation on 2D &a...

Matlab Matlab

MATLAB wireless cooperative communication

37 minutes ago    By:xiaotong      View:90      Download:3

This code is written in MATLAB program, mainly on the relay node selection algorithm, by simulating various algorithms to analyze their performance, you can study as a basis for the code....

Matlab Matlab

Decrypt Stored Passwords from Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer with C# and .NET

1 hours ago    By:maninwest      View:70      Download:3

Translated by maninwest@Codeforge Author:Mladen Stanisic@CodeProjectModern internet browsers offer user to save user name/password while logging to sites. Some third party applications can be used to extract this information. These applications are written in C++, and the source code I ran into whil...

.NET2.0 C#

OpenGL fountain codes

41 minutes ago    By:OrangeCHHC      View:249      Download:6

VC6.0 OpenGL-based fountain effect is very realistic, scenarios can be achieved roaming, fountain in a total of 7 models, use of mapping technology, makes the images more beautiful, using spray technology, simulates the ripples of water falling in the pool, in the animation process, insert the dubbi...

OpenGL C++

OpenCV, Image Stitching

44 minutes ago    By:艾思源      View:190      Download:7

Image mosaic problem is based on an important topic in image rendering (Image base Rendering, IBR) research in the field, the main technical means is a virtual environment reconstruction. It is going to solve the problem is how to belittle domain image photo mosaic into a large field of view, to mee...

Image Processing C++

An automatic facial expression recognition program

46 minutes ago    By:gotorutgers      View:854      Download:26

This is the source code of automatic facial expression recognition. It is based on face detection algorithm of Viola and Jones , and Gabor face recognition feature points, and then use the trained neural network to recognize human facial expression....

Matlab Matlab

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