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Socket send and receive in VC

Socket of the console development, to learn socket is not bad, send and receive all....
  Socket        C++     

Face detection

Face detection programs with face images data and non face images are provided for the researches in this field, enjoy  !!...
  Matlab        Matlab     

Kalman filter extended

Extended kalman filter algorithm implementation, Extended Kalman Filter for nonlinear dynamic systems...
  Matlab        Matlab     

Chopper-Fed DC Motor Drive (Discrete)

This example is similar to the continuous version, but discretization allows faster simulation. Circuit Description: A DC motor is fed by a DC source through a chopper which consists of GTO thyristor and a free-wheeling diode. The motor drives a mechanical load characterized by inertia J, fric...
  Matlab        Matlab     

Chopper-Fed DC Motor Drive (Continuous)

Circuit Description: The DC motor is fed by the DC source through a chopper which consists of GTO thyristor and free-wheeling diode D1. The motor drives a mechanical load characterized by inertia J, friction coeficient B, and load torque TL...
  Matlab        Matlab     

Three-Phase Matrix Converter

This demonstration illustrates a three-phase matrix converter driving a static load and drawing unity power factor at the source. The system consists of a three-phase matrix converter (MC) constructed from 9 back-to-back IGBT switches. The MC is supplied by an ideal 60Hz three-phase source and drive...
  Matlab        Matlab     

Three-Phase Three-Level PWM Converter

This demonstration illustrates simulation of a three-phase, three-level inverter and discrete three-phase PWM generator. It also demonstrates harmonic analysis of PWM waveforms using the Powergui/FFT tool. Circuit Description: The system consists of two three-phase three-level PWM voltage source...
  Matlab        Matlab     

Shopping website

SHOPPING CART 1.Title of the Project: Shopping cart 2. Abstract                        Shopping cart is a very important feature used in e-commerce to assist people...
  GUI        C#     

Data logger With SD card Storage

This project is developed to build Data logger with features as RS485 communication with measurement devices. Store data in format of text file in SD card with time stamp PIC 8 bit  micro controller  is used, with SPI communication for SD card storage LCD interfacing...
  Embeded        C     

Test high led and low led

This software describes programmatic c for pic as activate a led with the 16f877. With all configurations timers  and registers....
  Algorithm        C++     

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