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Servo motor control

Servo Motor  RC Servo Motor is a type of motor whose position can be controlled externally. They are small, compact and quite inexpensive. So they are mostly used in robotic projects. The axis rotational angle is limited to about 270 degrees.  A typical RC Servo has thr...
  vhdl      VHDL     

Russia block in C Linux

Under Linux using c language of the Russia box games. Can achieve all of the combination square, deformation, features such as mobile, including credits, level increase, pause function....
  小游戏        C     

TSP using GA

The Traveling Salesman problem (TSP) is one of the benchmark and old problems in Computer Science and Operations Research. It can be stated as: A network with ‘n’ nodes (or cities), with 'node 1' as ‘headquarters’ and a travel cost (or distance, or travel time etc.,) matrix C= [cij] of orde...
  Windows        Visual C++     

Firefly Script in MATLAB

This is a latest optimisation technique based on the behavior of beautiful fireflies. it has been considered here that all fireflies are unisexual and are attracted towards each other by their light intensity. more will be intesnity, more will be attraction...
  Matlab        Matlab     

PHP Image Editor

PHP Image Editor allows you to upload image and give various effects on it. It provides many types of effects like negative,blur,brighten,colorize,gray scale,emboss etc.. You can undo or redo the actions. It uses J query and AJAX concepts also. &n...
  Web Framework        PHP     

RTCDS1307 lib

RTC libs arduino with DS1307, DS1388, PCF_8563, BQ320000. Datetime for using with rtc with many useful methods for beginners and may be integrated into another projects. Libary is written in C++ with classes, easy to use for beginners  and professional. An example with a...
  Embeded        C++     

Takeoff Perfromance Code

TAKEOFF2.FOR is a FORTRAN implementation of a modified approach proposed by Krenkel and Salzman to solve for aircraft takeoff. The original methodology solved the aircraft equations of motion parametrically, whereas this program solves through a time-step integration technique. The me...
  Windows      Fortran     

Bus Reservation and Scheduling

As name describes that it help you to know the bus Schedule and to book the ticket for required destination....
  software        Java     

Verilog for booth multiplier

We are going to propose a new SRAM bitcell for the purpose of less power consumption, read stability,less area than the existing Schmitt trigger based SRAM and other existing designs through a new design which is combined of virtual grounding with Read error reduction logic.  ...
  verilog      Verilog     

Verilog for lsfr over bist

When desgin memories with larg portion, which include capacitance over bit-lines. The two bit-line are used perform a read and write operation, due to operation of discharging a capacitance in write operation. 7T SRAM cell reduces the activity factor of discharging the bit line pair to perform a...
  verilog      Verilog     

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