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eye ball tracing matlab

this code is used to  track the eye ball motion for driver fatigue and drowsiness detection. eye tracker makes use of a binary classifier with adynamic training strategy and an unsupervised clustering stage inorder to efficiently track the pupil (eyeball) in real time. Thedynamic training...

Video multi-target tracking MATLAB

Application backgroundOptimization for Multi-Target Tracking Discrete-Continuous (CVPR 2012)Key TechnologyThe problem of multi-target tracking is comprised of two distinct, but tightly coupled challenges: (I) the naturally discrete problem of data association, i.e. assigning image observations to th...

Optical flow LK MATLAB

LK optical flow algorithm based on MATLAB, can be run directly, using a Gaussian pyramid. Containing the standard reference pictures....

Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm

MOPSO is the most popular algorithm for multiple targets. The code was prepared by the research I do, refer to Coello's papers. The code is simple, and description...

Motion estimation algorithm

Comparison of MATLAB seven kinds of block matching algorithms for motion estimation, hyper-detailed source code, hoping to help people in need...

Financial quantitative analysis based on MATLAB programming (3rd Edition)

"Financial quantitative analysis - based on MATLAB Programming (3rd Edition)," a book of case are derived from the author's actual work, and fully reflects the "case of practicality, the program replicability" program with detailed Notes. For example, portfolio management, KMV mo...

DSP28335 control of PMSM

Low speed control of PMSM using TMS320F28335, absolute encoder for position velocity collection. Contains three-speed-current close loop control...

A C# implementation of the video conferencing system

Application backgroundA video conference system with c#, it is worth studying...

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