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FPGA-based control buttons VGA display pics

2 minutes ago    By:KachoiTim      View:28      Download:3

Using FPGA platform, 5 images 128*128, stored in ROM, press the control to stop and start the animation;...

Verilog Verilog

STM32-based cleanflight control source code

10 minutes ago    By:xiaopihai1213      View:122      Download:4

Application backgroundBased on STM32 cleanflight flight control source code, flying empty this open source is from the MWC baseflight flight control development of, code written in very good!Key TechnologyFlying empty this open source is from the MWC baseflight flight control development of, and fol...

cleanflight开源飞控 C

PHPOK enterprises website system 4.1.0818

10 minutes ago    By:ben913      View:84      Download:3

PHPOK enterprises website system is a set of classic corporate website building system is good at showing Web site. PHPOK enterprises website 4.1.0818 update log: Back window operating modes Add orders to notify the administrator functions Add static page generation functions Optimized JS, redu...

建站 PHP

fisheye corrction

14 minutes ago    By:zhengzou      View:31      Download:4

Fish-eye correction procedure, programs written using MATLAB, can be used directly, the results were pretty good! ...

Matlab Matlab

Java Web online examination system

17 minutes ago    By:w-jjiao      View:73      Download:5

Java language development of online examination system using JSP structs Tomcat serverUser role has four species: candidates (only exam, exam finished and gets transcripts), school led (added, Department, and the some teacher, and the added some other information), general teacher can online making...

Java开发 Java

Java Web development of online examination system

17 minutes ago    By:xiejunlu      View:33      Download:1

(1) the user category: log on to the system's identity as the two, one is an administrator (General teachers), two students, only authorized users can use the system resources. (2) rights management: System requires a valid authentication can log on. A user's identity is different, use system resour...

Java开发 Java

Video vehicle detection

1 hours ago    By:ykang76      View:216      Download:13

This program can be a vehicle through three lane detection, counting. Background modeling using background subtraction, the effect is very good, the program comes with a test video, if you want to use this program, just slightly alter some parameters....

Windows Visual C++

10086 points to intercept Ma Yuanma

39 minutes ago    By:25144307      View:20      Download:3

Application background10086 points to intercept the horse, this is a copy of 10086 points to receive...

Web网页开发 ASP/ASPX

Moving object detection based on OpenCV and vehicle tracking

41 minutes ago    By:boss绝      View:279      Download:8

Machine vision based on OpenCV libraries are in this code is called basic OpenCV function for tracking moving objects namely a demo vehicle tracking, with test video, already contained in, logging can be achieved, more suitable for beginners learning OpenCV #include "cv.h" # include # incl...

算法 C

Speaker Recognition Matlab Code

2 hours ago    By:casiopia      View:738      Download:28

Speaker Recognition Documentation contains: 1. Introduction2. Previous works3. Theoretical concepts4. Algorithm5. Experimentation6. Results7. Plots and Graphs8. Accuracy values9. Future Scope10. References 1.Introduction: In the domain of Speaker recognition the selected research paper to...

Matlab Matlab

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