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Short circuit analysis for PSA lab

To develop a program to carry out simulation of a symmetrical three phase short circuit on a given power system....
  Algorithm        Matlab     

SSDsim flash memory SSD simulator

SSDsim is an event-driven, modularly structured, and multi-tiered flash memory SSD simulator, which is capable of simulating most SSD hardware platforms, mainstream FTL schemes, allocation schemes, buffer management algorithms, and request scheduling algorithms. SSDsim is written in C, and it h...
  simulator        C     

Refresh Listview of Android

Add pull to refresh (pull up, pull down, pull left, and pull right) feature in all views. Views that added pull to refresh feature in Demo are: list (ListView), grids (GridView), slide view (the ScrollView), Web page (WebView), page views (ViewPager) and so on. Test environment: [Code4App]...
  Android        Java     

MATLAB and c implementating solbel

Using sobel operator to realize the edge detection, using C++ to realize the sobel operator. Image coding is  complete....
  Algorithm        C     

hangman jogo da forca

The hangman game collect a word at random from a text file called inf.txt containing several words. The words shall be composed of 9 letters, no numbers, accents, cedilla, special characters and spaces.   The player starts the reset amount of errors. Each error is added a piece of the doll...
  Game        C++     

Process management

Program developed as operating systems work, matter of undergraduate computer science.  The program simulates two processes schedulers: the first job shorter and round robin....
  Console        C#     

Heading and Depth control of AUV by ANNAI

Matlab code for Heading and Depth control of AUV by ANNAI Algorithm....
  Matlab        Matlab     

FCM alogirthm in C#

This code is FCM alogirthm in C#....
  Algorithm        C#     

Getting started with matlab

This file describes the basic of matlab. Some of the commands are executed. Under each tool some commands r executed. Surely it will be useful. It is given very understandable...
  Matlab        Matlab     

Texture-based background modeling

This source code is based on the paper "A texture-based method for modeling the background and detecting moving objects", this method is based on the modeling method of each pixel in the image, method for texture feature extraction for LBP histogram, each pixel's background includes k (usually 3 or...
  Image Processing        C++     

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