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Attendance management system

32 minutes ago    By:xz5750525      View:235      Download:2

JSP's WEB Attendance Management System  (A) take into account the capacity issues of the operator, requires a good interface and Tips;  (2) The system must have permission to log on to ensure the safety issues;  (3) data modification, support for multiple conditions modified, s...

Web Framework JSP

Attendance Management System

32 minutes ago    By:pan123sharma      View:871      Download:10

This code project is the Online Attendance Management Sytem using Java and microsoft access. Welcome to download and try. Thank you for your support!...

Java Development Java

STM32f4 Can Project:CanOpen protocol

2 hours ago    By:Rogovskiy      View:92      Download:7

This is the source code of STM32f4 Can Project: CanOpen protocol. ...

Embeded C

Android ordering system

1 hours ago    By:pbking      View:187      Download:4

Android ordering system, very easy to use, good for code porting or to self study, very good code for every one. Welcome to download and share. Thanks for supporting....

Android Java

Multiple target tracking and OpenCV+vs

4 hours ago    By:东成西就      View:624      Download:35

First with the background to complete the goal differential extraction, will be placed in the moving target relevant information to the list, the completion of multi-target tracking by frame difference, achieve real-time requirementsMoving target relevant information stored in the structure, it is p...

Image Processing C++

Crown mark six betting program source code 5 templates

2 hours ago    By:jxlnw      View:104      Download:15

Crown mark six betting program source code template paragraph 5   source code upload the database connection without encryption can be     only to learn the source code    do not use illegal sites...

Web网页开发 PHP

Qvod open source code

2 hours ago    By:monkey      View:42      Download:3

Qvod open source code,Include windows interface, c ++ programming language that supports peer download, p2p protocol support, upload a compressed package, unzip can see the source code, welcomed the exchange of learning, thanks to download...

Windows C++

BLDC source program

2 hours ago    By:aifeiyuxpy      View:63      Download:3

This is my original method, permanent-magnet brushless DC motor speed-current double closed-loop procedures, using double PI control algorithm control motor movements, position detection using Hall sensors, very useful and tested waveform in line with theories, I hope are helpful to General Motors l...

dsp C

Crown mark six betting program source code database sanD

2 hours ago    By:zsw8360      View:357      Download:31

Crown mark six betting procedures source sanD  source without encryption from the database with the database connection     is for learning source    do not apply illegal Web site...

Web Framework PHP

Face detection and recognition based attendence system

5 hours ago    By:sushant09      View:717      Download:32

My project was to create a unique attendence system which detects the faces of the students present and marks their attendence accordingly. We got face detection code from the above link and modified it further decreasing redundencies and errors particular to our project. we achieved 93% accuracy. N...

Image Processing C#

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