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United States Aeronautics and space mission design tool for source code

23 seconds ago    By:akadia      View:7      Download:1

Do you want to go to Mars but don\'t know when to leave or how much to bring?  Do you want to land something on the moon?  The General Mission Analysis Tool (GMAT) is an open-source space mission analysis tool to answer just those types of questions. GMAT is developed by a team of NASA, pr...

算法 C++

Target tracking based on Kalman filter (with thesis)

6 minutes ago    By:人帅是非多      View:326      Download:17

This program is based on the paper "the application of Kalman filter in target tracking" documents, written in MATLAB simulation program, and comes with a test report, the report describes in detail the whole process from modeling to simulation results, the reader can refer to the program,...

Matlab Matlab

6878 website source code

2 minutes ago    By:chufan      View:5      Download:1

This is the full version and a commercial version of 6878 website source code, if have set up 6878 friends can be brought to use, is a complete version of Oh can directly set up, without extracting passwords....

数据库 C++


3 minutes ago    By:tangxiaodao      View:18      Download:1

HOOK API的代码,通过学习此代码,可以掌握如何HOOK API函数。本代码包中包含了隐藏进程,文件监视等代码。希望能给学习HOOK API函数的朋友带来帮助。...

Windows C++

Firefly algorithm for TSP problem Matlab code

13 minutes ago    By:消失的地平线      View:618      Download:26

This code is the recent intelligent swarm algorithm for TSP problem, Firefly algorithm with fast convergence features of rapid convergence to the optimal solution, and the Firefly algorithm for discretization to adapt to solve TSP problem....

Computer Cluster Matlab

BlueTooth Development Kit

5 minutes ago    By:suigongxiaozi      View:164      Download:1

BlueTooth API for Bluetooth development kit, this is a Bluetooth system program development kit....

Embeded C++

souce code for kinematics of six-axis robot

5 minutes ago    By:robot      View:36      Download:3

a source code for the kinematics of a six-axis or less-axis robotIt is implemented with C language...

Algorithm C

matlab figures to identify the number of identification procedures can be achiev...

6 minutes ago    By:stas      View:126      Download:2

matlab figures to identify the number of identification procedures can be achieved. Hope that we make good use of...

Graph program Matlab

Star Rat 3.1 remote control source is not encrypted version of the source code

8 minutes ago    By:w6381384      View:50      Download:2

Star Rat 3.1 remote control full without encryption source code, support the full range of windows system, for research purposes only !!!...

Crack Hack C++

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