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Runge kutta source code

The Runge-Kutta algorithm is the magic formula behind most of the physics simulations shown on this source codeThe Runge-Kutta algorithm lets us solve a differential equation numerically (that is, approximately); it is known to be very accurate and well-behaved for a wide range o...
  Matlab        Matlab     

Heat diffusion matlab

Heat diffusion is a physical phenomenon. In a medium,heat always flows from a position with high temperature to a position with low temperature.Recently heat diffusion-based approaches have been successfully appliedin various domains such as classification anddimensionality reduction problems...
  Matlab        Matlab     

Encoder- using if else statement

Encoder An encoder is a device, circuit, transducer, software program, algorithm or person thatconverts information from one format or code to another, for the purposes of standardization,speed, secrecy, security, or saving space by shrinking size.  Simple Encoder A simpl...
  verilog      Verilog     

Source codes of some algorithms

1.KMP 2. find k large numbers 3. dictionary sort 4. simple network mapping 5. maximum field and problem 6. optimal binary search trees 7. the eldest son of a sequence 8. the Tower...
  Algorithm        C     

Java Calculator

This Is A simple Calculator Creator with Java in Netbeans, the calculator can do basic calculations like addition. subtraction division and multiplication...
  Windows        Java     

Student management system

Student management system is a software which is needful in maintaining and updating the student record in a school....
  software        ASP/ASPX     

Japan IP communications network terms of service and development must be

Japan ip communications network service terms. Heisei 12 edition. About Japan ip communications network services detailed provisions related to Japan for the development of network-related software is extremely important....
  book        PDF     

shape from motion

This is a three-dimensional shape from an image in the shape from shading method. I downloaded them from the CSDN, hope for all of us. Shape from shading (SFS), the MATLAB code, modify the image path can be directly run. This code is used the approach in the Tsai,...
  Image Processing        Matlab     

Galileo Development Board cc3000

Intel Galileo is the first Arduino compatible Development Board uses the Intel architecture products for creators and users looking for the education sector. This allows the designer to get started, and hope that they can be pushed to a higher level of design are going further to use handcuffs. Inte...
  Driver Development        C     

Image processing, image enhancement

This is the algorithm for image enhancement in image processing with best quality.this algorithm enhance the image of our intrest....
  Image Processing        C     

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