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1 d 2 d 2-based FFT

Parameter description: //******************************************* //PSR airspace real pointers //PSI spatial imaginary pointer //PFR frequency-domain name pointer //PFI imaginary part in frequency domain pointers //****************************************** Return the input data s...
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1、初始化: 1.1每一个空间的点映射到二维窗格,每个空间的点分配唯一的二维窗格坐标。一个窗格只能有一个点。 1.2为每一只蚂蚁在二维窗格分配唯一的地址 (第一步需要注意的是:空间上点的位置和平面窗...
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Sparse Concept Coding for Visual Analysis

Code is Sparse Concept Coding for Visual simulation experiment Analysis of this article, the effect is very good, and can be used directly. Accuracy compared to other algorithms, headroom is very large, you can quickly run, hoping to help after the upload. Procedures in the main program and the call...
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ant colony clustering to image segmentation

ant clony clustering algorithm to image segmentation, Lumer and feita are originaly implement this algorithm to data clustering...
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Algorithm of algorithm Xin-she BA Yang bats

Algorithm of bats (Xin-she Yang bat algorithm) part2 heuristic algorithms, Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms and simulated annealing algorithms and solving complex optimization Effective approaches to issues . Most of the heuristic and meta-heuristics From the simulation of biological or...
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Gabor sparse coding of face recognition

Images by Gabor transform feature extraction preprocessing, after acquiring the dimensionality effect data set, and then face recognition using sparse coding algorithms, robustness to face image with a very good, speed up processing speed, improve recognition accuracy, and has a very good effect, an...
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Prolog implementation 8-puzzle

he 8-puzzle will be represented by a 3x3 list of lists positions where the empty box will be represented by the value 9, as shown below: [[9,1,3],[5,2,6],[4,7,8]] Possibility Solution: Only half of the initial positions of the 8-puzzle are solvable. There is a formula that allows to know from...
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General Theorem of machinery

This file include many m-file and simulink model that these files will simulate every problem in P.c.cruze book...
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My scratch music games

Himself simply practicing handwriting a scratch music games, 3 goals are randomly generated numbers, then the Player click on the cards, if you click on the figure was goal number three in a row, The "winning". Belonging to the practiced hand little demo for beginners....
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Harris feature Watermarking

This program is written in MATLAB language, first feature extraction from images of Harris, and watermark embedding and extraction...
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