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Very wide source of communication theory books, matlab code

2010-08-18 09:43:42
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Very wide source of communication theory books, matlab code
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Name Size Date
CCber.m4.26 kB04-19-05|10:03
CellLoadingA.dat1.66 kB04-18-05|16:33
CellLoadingB.dat1.66 kB04-18-05|16:33
decode_cc.dll38.00 kB02-08-01|15:30
decode_cc.m95.00 B02-08-01|12:13
Diversity.m1.12 kB04-18-05|15:30
encode_cc.dll31.50 kB02-08-01|13:03
encode_cc.m95.00 B02-08-01|12:13
Fresnel.m1.03 kB04-19-05|09:49
f_half.dat.dat4.79 kB04-19-05|10:04
f_two.dat4.79 kB04-19-05|10:04
GEN_Q.M1.72 kB03-23-98|14:23
GMSKspec.M1.47 kB04-19-05|10:00
GoldAcorr.m817.00 B04-18-05|15:32
GoldXcorr.m1.08 kB05-10-04|10:22
HadXcorr.m617.00 B12-27-01|12:10
Hata.m1.69 kB04-18-05|16:04
Hataheight.m2.37 kB01-30-03|22:12
Impulse.m567.00 B04-19-05|09:52
lognormal.m508.00 B04-18-05|16:11
MAIdeg.m446.00 B04-01-03|15:53
MAI_FEC.m846.00 B05-01-03|13:24
MatlabCodes.doc46.00 kB04-19-05|10:05
ModLinCh.m1.04 kB04-19-05|10:00
MSEQ.M1.07 kB10-09-02|09:06
MseqXcorr.m590.00 B04-18-05|15:57
NearFar.m740.00 B05-01-03|13:10
NLspec.m1.37 kB04-19-05|09:55
Offaxis.m316.00 B09-10-01|13:00
plotspec.m587.00 B01-02-04|08:10
Q.m221.00 B09-20-01|12:19
RayDist.dat6.45 kB04-18-05|16:13
RayDist.m311.00 B02-16-03|09:47
Rician.m447.00 B04-19-05|09:53
RicianBER.m1.06 kB04-18-05|16:28
ScatterFn.m798.00 B04-18-05|16:17
setup_cc.dll37.00 kB02-08-01|13:03
setup_cc.m1.17 kB02-08-01|12:11
SimRayleigh.m177.00 B05-01-03|10:05
SINRsim.m1.04 kB08-08-03|09:07
spectra.m1.18 kB04-19-05|09:55
TimeVaryTF.m1.13 kB04-18-05|16:21
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Very wide source of communication theory books, matlab code (85.51 kB)

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