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2010-08-25 16:46:43
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220KV substation of a regional one system design. Main becomes 2 × 120MVA, voltage ratio 220/121/10.5KV, the capacity ratio of 100/100/50, the current project once completed, the design leaves room for expansion.
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110KV出线断面图.dwg105.93 kB06-04-05 19:58
220KV出线断面图.dwg97.94 kB06-04-05 19:57
ldmsapp.dwg385.54 kB06-04-05 19:57
ldmsapp1.dwg97.94 kB06-04-05 19:57
ldmsapp2.dwg105.93 kB06-04-05 19:58
ldmsapp3.dwg411.13 kB06-04-05 19:58
ldmsapp4.doc557.50 kB17-12-09 19:20
ldmsapp5.dwg48.19 kB06-04-05 19:59
ldmsapp6.dwg115.77 kB06-04-05 19:59
<ldmsapp7.doc>0.00 B06-04-05 19:59
<ldmsapp8>0.00 B06-04-05 19:59
XX变电站主接线图.dwg411.13 kB06-04-05 19:58
XX变电站主接线图1.dwg385.54 kB06-04-05 19:57
毕业设计说明书.doc557.50 kB17-12-09 19:21
电压互感器断面图.dwg48.19 kB06-04-05 19:59
配置图.dwg115.77 kB06-04-05 19:59
<220kV变电站设计>0.00 B12-05-05 20:17
readme.txt592.00 B17-12-09 19:33
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某220KV区域性变电所一次系统设计。主变为2×120MVA,电压比为220/121/10.5KV,容量比为100/100/50,本期工程一次建成,设计中留有扩... (1.81 MB)

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