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vc++ in curriculum design, to do a simple hotel management system

2010-08-25 17:07:50
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vc++ in curriculum design, to do a simple hotel management system
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Name Size Date
DlgBook.cpp3.49 kB24-11-06|01:04
DlgBook.h1.59 kB24-11-06|01:03
Help.txt477.00 B20-11-06|22:48
InforList.cpp1.51 kB20-11-06|20:39
InforList.h1.42 kB20-11-06|20:18
ok.cpp999.00 B24-11-06|01:25
ok.h1.11 kB24-11-06|01:13
Query.cpp1.24 kB24-11-06|01:02
Query.h1.34 kB24-11-06|00:49
ReadMe.txt3.67 kB19-11-06|23:41
1.bmp57.44 kB23-11-06|23:12
11.bmp94.97 kB21-11-06|12:24
2.bmp57.44 kB23-11-06|23:12
3.bmp49.68 kB23-11-06|23:12
banner1_02.bmp83.12 kB24-11-06|01:36
biaojian.bmp201.94 kB24-11-06|01:12
bitmap11.bmp98.60 kB21-11-06|12:51
bitmap12.bmp65.13 kB21-11-06|12:51
bitmap16.bmp218.58 kB21-11-06|13:37
bitmap17.bmp10.25 kB23-11-06|22:53
bitmap18.bmp53.21 kB23-11-06|22:53
bitmap19.bmp63.05 kB23-11-06|23:01
bitmap24.bmp89.70 kB24-11-06|01:24
bitmap25.bmp201.94 kB24-11-06|01:36
bitmap3.bmp30.24 kB20-11-06|16:44
bookRoom.bmp2.77 kB20-11-06|18:23
emptyRoom.bmp2.24 kB20-11-06|18:20
gk_r8_c1.bmp1.24 kB20-11-06|23:17
GuestInfor.bmp2.46 kB20-11-06|18:20
introduction.bmp14.29 kB20-11-06|22:58
name.bmp10.22 kB20-11-06|23:23
RummeryNetSystem.ico1.05 kB19-11-06|23:41
RummeryNetSystem.rc2408.00 B19-11-06|23:41
tel.bmp2.49 kB21-11-06|13:06
tuijian111.bmp21.58 kB21-11-06|13:06
u14363823113360021823gp1.bmp15.82 kB21-11-06|12:24
新建0.00 B1321|4%
未命名.bmp5.27 kB20-11-06|23:17
未命名11.bmp131.79 kB21-11-06|12:51
未命名111111111.bmp83.84 kB21-11-06|13:37
酒店.bmp144.04 kB20-11-06|22:35
resource.h2.94 kB24-11-06|01:36
Return.cpp1.27 kB24-11-06|01:42
Return.h1.20 kB24-11-06|01:28
RummeryNetSystem.aps1.80 MB24-11-06|12:31
RummeryNetSystem.clw5.27 kB24-11-06|12:32
RummeryNetSystem.cpp2.17 kB24-11-06|00:21
RummeryNetSystem.dsp6.46 kB24-11-06|01:36
RummeryNetSystem.dsw557.00 B19-11-06|23:41
RummeryNetSystem.h1.53 kB24-11-06|00:21
RummeryNetSystem.ncb113.00 kB24-11-06|12:32
RummeryNetSystem.opt59.50 kB24-11-06|12:32
RummeryNetSystem.plg266.00 B24-11-06|12:32
RummeryNetSystem.rc16.22 kB24-11-06|01:36
RummeryNetSystemDlg.cpp4.86 kB24-11-06|00:55
RummeryNetSystemDlg.h1.70 kB24-11-06|00:49
StdAfx.cpp218.00 B19-11-06|23:41
StdAfx.h1.03 kB19-11-06|23:41
实验报告.doc549.00 kB24-11-06|03:38
Debug0.00 B24-11-06|03:41
res0.00 B24-11-06|03:41
MyHotel0.00 B24-11-06|12:32
MFC--人机界面--酒店管理0.00 B24-11-06|12:30
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vc++ in curriculum design, to do a simple hotel management system (1.68 MB)

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