Home » Source Code » 机器学习的中文版本,作者Tom M. Mitchell。这本教材的目标是展现机器学习中核心的算法和理论。机器学习从很多学科吸收了成果和概念,包括统计学、人工智能...

机器学习的中文版本,作者Tom M. Mitchell。这本教材的目标是展现机器学习中核心的算法和理论。机器学习从很多学科吸收了成果和概念,包括统计学、人工智能...

2010-08-29 08:47:52
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Machine learning of the Chinese version, the author Tom M. Mitchell. The teaching objective is to demonstrate the core of machine learning algorithms and theory. Machine learning from many disciplines to absorb the results and concepts, including statistics, artificial intelligence, philosophy, information theory, biology, cognitive science, computational complexity and control theory.
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chap01绪论.doc293.50 kB24-01-03|21:17
chap02概念学习和一般到特殊序.doc182.00 kB24-01-03|21:20
chap03决策树学习.doc177.00 kB07-01-02|16:53
chap05评估假设.doc296.50 kB07-01-02|15:38
chap06贝叶斯学习.doc424.50 kB07-01-02|14:16
ml-chap04.doc328.50 kB07-01-02|13:17
ml-chap07.doc182.00 kB07-01-02|14:30
ml-chap08.doc130.50 kB07-01-02|14:35
ml-chap09.doc115.50 kB07-01-02|14:41
ml-chap10.doc225.50 kB24-01-03|21:22
ml-chap11.doc118.50 kB07-01-02|15:36
ml-chap12.doc193.50 kB07-01-02|15:36
ml-chap13.doc238.50 kB07-01-02|15:36
ml-preface.doc50.00 kB07-01-02|12:36
machinestudy0.00 B03-07-07|20:02
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机器学习的中文版本,作者Tom M. Mitchell。这本教材的目标是展现机器学习中核心的算法和理论。机器学习从很多学科吸收了成果和概念,包括统计学、人工智能... (767.55 kB)

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