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linux 0.11 kernel source code, with English Notes, so that learning good things...

2010-08-31 20:02:01
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linux 0.11 kernel source code, with English Notes, so that learning good things linux kernel
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Name Size Date
源码文件 linuxlinux0.00 B0% 04-10-07
源码文件 <boot><boot>0.00 B04-10-07 15:01
源码文件 bootsect.sbootsect.s12.49 kB08-01-04 21:38
源码文件 head.shead.s13.22 kB08-01-04 21:38
源码文件 setup.ssetup.s12.42 kB08-01-04 21:38
源码文件 <fs><fs>0.00 B04-10-07 15:01
code file bitmap.cbitmap.c8.46 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file block_dev.cblock_dev.c3.95 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file buffer.cbuffer.c17.71 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file char_dev.cchar_dev.c4.09 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file exec.cexec.c18.90 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file fcntl.cfcntl.c3.33 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file file_dev.cfile_dev.c4.82 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file file_table.cfile_table.c209.00 B02-09-04 13:12
code file inode.cinode.c14.92 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file ioctl.cioctl.c1.94 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file MakefileMakefile6.80 kB08-01-04 21:45
code file namei.cnamei.c37.20 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file open.copen.c10.00 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file pipe.cpipe.c5.42 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file read_write.cread_write.c5.86 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file stat.cstat.c2.69 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file super.csuper.c13.57 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file truncate.ctruncate.c2.46 kB02-09-04 13:12
源码文件 <include><include>0.00 B04-10-07 15:01
code file a.out.ha.out.h8.22 kB02-09-04 13:14
源码文件 <asm><asm>0.00 B04-10-07 15:01
code file io.hio.h772.00 B02-09-04 13:14
code file memory.hmemory.h1.03 kB08-01-04 22:13
code file segment.hsegment.h2.50 kB02-09-04 13:14
code file system.hsystem.h4.08 kB02-09-04 13:14
code file const.hconst.h589.00 B02-09-04 13:14
code file ctype.hctype.h1.68 kB02-09-04 13:14
code file errno.herrno.h2.30 kB02-09-04 13:14
code file fcntl.hfcntl.h3.30 kB02-09-04 13:14
源码文件 <linux><linux>0.00 B04-10-07 15:01
code file config.hconfig.h2.16 kB02-09-04 13:14
code file fs.hfs.h9.72 kB02-09-04 13:14
code file hdreg.hhdreg.h2.94 kB02-09-04 13:14
code file head.hhead.h760.00 B02-09-04 13:14
code file kernel.hkernel.h1.44 kB02-09-04 13:14
code file mm.hmm.h473.00 B02-09-04 13:14
code file sched.hsched.h13.25 kB02-09-04 13:14
code file sys.hsys.h5.41 kB02-09-04 13:14
code file tty.htty.h3.93 kB02-09-04 13:14
code file signal.hsignal.h4.01 kB02-09-04 13:14
code file stdarg.hstdarg.h1.77 kB02-09-04 13:14
code file stddef.hstddef.h378.00 B02-09-04 13:14
code file string.hstring.h21.75 kB02-09-04 13:14
源码文件 <sys><sys>0.00 B04-10-07 15:01
code file stat.hstat.h2.37 kB02-09-04 13:14
code file times.htimes.h377.00 B02-09-04 13:14
code file types.htypes.h1.10 kB02-09-04 13:14
code file utsname.hutsname.h423.00 B02-09-04 13:14
code file wait.hwait.h1.48 kB02-09-04 13:14
code file termios.htermios.h13.58 kB02-09-04 13:14
code file time.htime.h1.81 kB02-09-04 13:14
code file unistd.hunistd.h9.21 kB02-09-04 13:14
code file utime.hutime.h392.00 B02-09-04 13:14
源码文件 <init><init>0.00 B04-10-07 15:01
code file main.cmain.c12.52 kB02-09-04 13:12
源码文件 <kernel><kernel>0.00 B04-10-07 15:01
源码文件 asm.sasm.s5.10 kB08-01-04 22:48
源码文件 <blk_drv><blk_drv>0.00 B04-10-07 15:01
code file blk.hblk.h5.69 kB02-09-04 13:14
code file floppy.cfloppy.c23.49 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file hd.chd.c17.14 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file ll_rw_blk.cll_rw_blk.c7.59 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file MakefileMakefile4.25 kB08-01-04 22:53
code file ramdisk.cramdisk.c6.13 kB02-09-04 13:12
源码文件 <chr_drv><chr_drv>0.00 B04-10-07 15:01
code file console.cconsole.c30.91 kB02-09-04 13:12
源码文件 keyboard.Skeyboard.S21.04 kB08-01-04 22:59
code file MakefileMakefile4.81 kB08-01-04 22:59
源码文件 rs_io.srs_io.s5.75 kB08-01-04 22:59
code file serial.cserial.c2.91 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file tty_io.ctty_io.c18.40 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file tty_ioctl.ctty_ioctl.c10.70 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file exit.cexit.c8.08 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file fork.cfork.c6.78 kB15-07-07 22:10
源码文件 <math><math>0.00 B04-10-07 15:01
code file MakefileMakefile3.21 kB08-01-04 23:01
code file math_emulate.cmath_emulate.c2.08 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file mktime.cmktime.c2.72 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file panic.cpanic.c952.00 B02-09-04 13:12
code file printk.cprintk.c1.75 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file sched.csched.c18.57 kB16-07-07 21:23
code file signal.csignal.c5.61 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file sys.csys.c7.62 kB02-09-04 13:12
源码文件 system_call.ssystem_call.s12.53 kB08-01-04 22:48
code file traps.ctraps.c8.29 kB04-10-07 14:57
code file vsprintf.cvsprintf.c9.96 kB02-09-04 13:12
源码文件 <lib><lib>0.00 B04-10-07 15:01
code file close.cclose.c397.00 B02-09-04 13:12
code file ctype.cctype.c1.72 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file dup.cdup.c401.00 B02-09-04 13:12
code file errno.cerrno.c66.00 B02-09-04 13:12
code file execve.cexecve.c607.00 B02-09-04 13:12
code file MakefileMakefile4.83 kB08-01-04 22:30
code file malloc.cmalloc.c13.50 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file open.copen.c1.22 kB02-09-04 13:12
code file setsid.csetsid.c382.00 B02-09-04 13:12
code file string.cstring.c199.00 B02-09-04 13:12
code file wait.cwait.c774.00 B02-09-04 13:12
code file write.cwrite.c545.00 B02-09-04 13:12
code file _exit.c_exit.c616.00 B02-09-04 13:12
code file MakefileMakefile8.58 kB08-01-04 22:21
源码文件 <mm><mm>0.00 B04-10-07 15:01
code file MakefileMakefile2.91 kB08-01-04 22:34
code file memory.cmemory.c25.10 kB02-09-04 13:12
源码文件 page.spage.s842.00 B08-01-04 22:34
源码文件 <tools><tools>0.00 B04-10-07 15:01
code file build.cbuild.c8.12 kB02-09-04 13:12


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linux 0.11 kernel source code, with English Notes, so that learning good things... (286.77 kB)

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