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2010-10-12 22:28:20
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video watermarking algorithm source code (VC, the dialog interface), for doing video watermarking comrades in this on the basis of their innovation.
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Name Size Date
<MarkAVI>0.00 B23-05-05 22:44
AviRW.cpp10.77 kB11-05-05 00:14
AviRW.h1.91 kB11-05-05 00:07
CDIB.C6.66 kB27-04-05 08:31
LogOut.cpp1.64 kB06-05-05 20:11
LogOut.h646.00 B06-05-05 20:11
MarkAVI.aps35.48 kB23-05-05 22:18
MarkAVI.clw2.33 kB23-05-05 22:44
MarkAVI.cpp2.03 kB24-04-05 10:10
MarkAVI.dsp4.32 kB11-05-05 00:26
MarkAVI.dsw537.00 B24-04-05 10:10
MarkAVI.h1.30 kB24-04-05 10:10
MarkAVI.ncb97.00 kB23-05-05 22:44
MarkAVI.opt53.50 kB23-05-05 22:44
MarkAVI.plg848.00 B23-05-05 22:19
MarkAVI.rc5.77 kB23-05-05 22:18
MarkAVIDlg.cpp6.90 kB21-05-05 13:10
MarkAVIDlg.h1.43 kB10-05-05 22:43
ReadMe.txt3.51 kB24-04-05 10:10
<res>0.00 B24-04-05 10:10
MarkAVI.ico1.05 kB24-04-05 10:10
MarkAVI.rc2399.00 B24-04-05 10:10
resource.h1,007.00 B10-05-05 22:46
StdAfx.cpp209.00 B24-04-05 10:10
StdAfx.h1.03 kB24-04-05 10:10
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视频水印嵌入算法源程序(VC实现,对话框界面),对于做视频水印的同志可在此基础上进行自己的创新工作。... (42.60 kB)

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