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2010-11-23 13:25:09
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"Linux programming White Paper" is written by a group of Linux experts, it consists of five parts-- the Linux Documentation Project is a print version. The book describes the key design concepts, and systems and subsystems of the Linux kernel structure and the concept of specific systems architecture. The book is from the heart of the Linux operating system-- starting core in-depth about. Introduced by the knowledge including Linux hardware and software infrastructure, the core mechanisms, processes, modules, the structure and source code, the Linux kernel module programming guide, applications to Linux, as well as the network discussions.
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《Linux编程白皮书》是由一群Linux高手所写的,它由五个部分组成――是Linux文档工程的一个印刷版本。该书描述了关键的设计概念,以及系统和Linux内核... (118.80 kB)

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