+ Increased the BDF font merger function.  + To increase automatic calibration baseline function.  + Added support BDF V2.2.  * Improve the Vietnamese unicode en...">
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Unicode dot matrix font generation tool (GuiTool)

2012-11-24 20:44:03
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space:nowrap;"> + Increased the BDF font merger function.
 + To increase automatic calibration baseline function.
 + Added support BDF V2.2.
 * Improve the Vietnamese unicode encoded font (increase spreading codes and VerifyCode)

v1.12 (09/17/2012)
 + Increase the automatic update feature (increase network download function, may be anti-virus software to intercept, but rest assured, absolutely safe).
 To + increase usbkey registered.
 + Increase the font bold.
 * Modify the font file and the output file path can not keep the bug.
 * Modify scanmode Horb0 ~ b7 bug.
 * Perfect multi-language text prompts.

v1.11 (08/14/2012)
 + Increased Register YEARS.
 * Modify access to native code fail bug.

v1.10 (06/26/2012)
* Streamline font retrieve table.
+ Increase GBK fonts outputs.
+ Add a dot matrix data storage format (only keep a valid pixel data - not fixed, and does not support MBCS encoding format in Japan and South Korea), Thai, Burmese and other Special Language is very convenient.

v1.09 (06/15/2012)
+ Increase the output of the C language (array) font format.

V1.08 (05/17/2012)
+ Increase in two versions (free trial version)
   The free version is valid only for 16 dot matrix.
   The trial version is valid for all dot matrix, but will be missing some of the characters.
+ Added hotkey function.
* Modify multiple languages generated h file does not match the start and end bug.
* To perfect the the document "GuiTool use Notes to add more illustration.
   Document Download: http://ishare.iask.sina.com.cn/f/24472766.html

v1.07 (05/02/2012)
   * Modify Registration (changed file).
   + Increase bdf format encoding filter function, mainly to support the MTK phone dot matrix character.
   + Increase xp control properties.
   + Increase in scanning mode is illustrated.
   * Modify bdf 2 bin a bug. (Select the output bitmap the output n bitmap file)
   * Modify the BDF file when the character display width, save a bitmap (all characters save a picture) failed error.

v1.06 (04/10/2012)
   + Increase the system font support, easier to operate, fast.
      Enumerate all installed system fonts can directly choose.

v1.05 (03/24/2012)
   Fontmaker (dot matrix font)
   * Fixed the character alignment problems.
   + Increase the output of a single character or multiple characters into a bitmap file set.
   * Perfect Arabic font (unicode font).
   + Add custom character (unicode font effective).

   Multi-language (multi-lingual)
   + Increase output encoding format (mbcs, utf16-lb, utf8) settings
   + To increase the output of the array format.

   Image Manager (image management)
   + Page for the new features, support picture image data conversion. Applications do product logo picture.

V1.04 (07/16/2011)
   + Add a string mbcs2unicode (internal code turn Unicode) functionality. (Support the transition: U16-LE, U16-BE, UTF8)

V1.03 (07/05/2011)
   * Modify Example dot matrix font parsing source code more portable. (Basically just modify font_file.c can)
   * Modify the internal code (MBCS) character dot matrix information read error.
   + Multi-language support (Jane in English), yet to be perfected. . .

V1.02 (07/01/2011)
   1. FontMaker V2.03
     + Add character aspect ratio adjustment (HorR & VerR)
     + Increase font support *. Ttc.
     + Increase bdf (*. Bdf) file format to bin file Simple Unicode encoding format.

V1.01 (06/29/2011)
   1. FontMaker V2.02
     + Simple Unicode functions. (Suitable for small font)
     + Increases the scanning direction and anti significant "set.
   2. Multi-Language V1.01
     * Modify except office 2000, the other can not support.

V1.00: (2007-2011)
   * Inherits all the features of the FontMaker V2.01.
   + Add a Multi-Languge V1.00 packaged conversion function.

FontMaker basic functions:

 Support all windows character set: CP932 (Japanese Shift-JIS) CP936 (Simplified Chinese GBK) CP949 (Korean) CP950 (Traditional Chinese Big5), CP874 (Thai), CP1250 (Central European) CP1251 (Cyrillic), the CP1252 ( Western Europe - Latin I "), CP1253 (Greek), CP1254 (Turkish), CP1255 (Hebrew), CP1256 (Arabic), CP1257 (Baltic), CP1258 (Vietnam)
 Support non-monospaced font.
 3 Supports BIN, TXT, BMP, BDF file output.
 Support unicode font output, that can be done in a window display of multiple languages (text)
 Support single character edit, preview (WYSIWYG).
 6 support font file and output path memory function.
 7 support from the bdf format conversion (bin file) format custom font.
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), CP1256 (Arabic), CP1257 (Baltic), CP1258 (Vietnam) Support non-monospaced font. 3 Supports BIN, TXT, BMP, BDF file output. Support unicode font output, that can be done in a window display of multiple languages (text) Support single character edit, preview (WYSIW

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