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Midpoint circle algorithm

2013-09-27 08:08:33
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Midpoint circle algorithm is calculated per unit interval sampling and away from the nearest location.

Before continuing, I add one point of knowledge about the circular symmetry, by using the symmetry round was calculated taking into account computational cost can be reduced by one-eighth.

Principle of symmetry in nature:

(1) round is to meet the x-axis symmetrical, so only need to calculate the one-second point;

(2) round is meet the y axis symmetrical, so only need to calculate the one-second point;

(3) the circle is the address y=x or y=-x axis symmetrical, so only need to calculate the one-second point;

Through the above three properties that, for calculations required to analyze one-eighth.

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Name Size Date
DrawCircle.aps101.98 kB01-04-10 19:24
DrawCircle.cpp2.09 kB01-04-10 19:01
DrawCircle.h532.00 B01-04-10 19:01
DrawCircle.rc4.85 kB01-04-10 19:31
DrawCircle.vcproj5.52 kB01-04-10 19:21
DrawCircle.vcproj.Awaken-PC.Awaken.user1.38 kB21-04-10 13:19
DrawCircle.vcxproj7.79 kB13-09-13 08:44
DrawCircle.vcxproj.filters2.17 kB13-09-13 08:44
DrawCircle.vcxproj.user143.00 B13-09-13 08:44
DrawCircleDlg.cpp2.35 kB01-04-10 19:20
DrawCircleDlg.h679.00 B01-04-10 19:21
Drawing.cpp2.68 kB01-04-10 19:19
Drawing.h236.00 B01-04-10 19:28
ReadMe.txt3.98 kB01-04-10 19:01
DrawCircle.ico66.19 kB29-11-07 07:21
DrawCircle.rc2401.00 B01-04-10 19:01
resource.h866.00 B01-04-10 19:28
stdafx.cpp212.00 B01-04-10 19:01
stdafx.h1.98 kB01-04-10 19:01
targetver.h1.40 kB01-04-10 19:01
DrawCircle.sln897.00 B13-09-13 08:44
DrawCircle.sln.old896.00 B01-04-10 19:01
DrawCircle.suo18.50 kB13-09-13 08:46
DrawCircle.suo.old17.00 kB13-09-13 08:42
UpgradeLog.XML1.81 kB13-09-13 08:44
UpgradeReport.css3.27 kB13-09-13 08:44
UpgradeReport.xslt12.21 kB04-05-10 01:19
UpgradeReport_Minus.gif69.00 B13-09-13 08:44
UpgradeReport_Plus.gif71.00 B13-09-13 08:44
<Debug>0.00 B15-09-13 12:54
<res>0.00 B21-04-10 13:17
<Debug>0.00 B15-09-13 12:55
<DrawCircle>0.00 B13-09-13 08:44
<_UpgradeReport_Files>0.00 B13-09-13 08:44
<DrawCircle>0.00 B15-09-13 12:55
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Midpoint circle algorithm (140.44 kB)

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