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2013-09-30 08:41:54
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Airport simulation with 3 runways. First two for takeoff and landing while 3rd only for takeoff, except under critical conditions

This problem is to simulate an airport landing and takeoff pattern.  The airport has 3 runways, runway 1, runway 2 and runway 3.  There are 4 landing holding patterns, two for each of the first two runways.  Arriving planes will enter one of the holding pattern queues, where the queues are to be as close in size as possible.  When a plane enters a holding queue, it is assigned an integer ID number and an integer giving the number of time units the plane can remain in the queue before it must land (because of low fuel level).  There is also a queue for takeoffs for each of the three runways.  Planes arriving in a takeoff queue are also assigned an integer ID. The takeoff queues should be kept the same size

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AirportSim.res876.00 B2000-10-30 18:19
AirportSim.dpr295.00 B2000-11-05 20:18
U_AirportSim.pas12.36 kB2000-11-05 20:21
U_AirportSim.dfm3.69 kB2000-11-05 20:09
U_AirportDesc.pas387.00 B2000-11-05 20:18
U_AirportDesc.dfm3.43 kB2000-11-05 20:15
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Airport Simulation (6.75 kB)

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