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Menu com teclado matricial 3x4 e pic

2013-09-30 08:46:25
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Este projeto mostra como usar um teclado matricial 3x4 com pic no ccs, ilustra a criação de um menu de opções usando (switch case) para controle de motores de passo, com passo completo, micro passo etc
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Name Size Date
Last0.00 B15016|17%
testeVarreduraT.DSN85.09 kB09-01-12|14:03
testeVarreduraT.PWI1.05 kB10-01-12|11:45
testeVarreTec.c6.20 kB10-01-12|11:44
testeVarreTec.cof74.80 kB10-01-12|11:44
testeVarreTec.err327.00 B10-01-12|11:44
testeVarreTec.esym9.19 kB10-01-12|11:44
testeVarreTec.h685.00 B09-01-12|12:09
testeVarreTec.hex10.91 kB10-01-12|11:44
testeVarreTec.lst61.85 kB10-01-12|11:44
testeVarreTec.pjt652.00 B11-01-12|12:01
testeVarreTec.sta3.82 kB10-01-12|11:44
testeVarreTec.sym3.21 kB10-01-12|11:44
testeVarreTec.tre40.82 kB10-01-12|11:44
testeVarredurTeclado0.00 B10-01-12|11:45
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Menu com teclado matricial 3x4 e pic (60.76 kB)

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