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[Android] phone data to a computer (WiFi)

2013-10-01 02:29:37
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How to transfer  data from mobile phone to a computer via WIFI?
We can use the ServerSocket (Server side) and socket (Client side) to implement as an example, 
Selected a photograph sent from the phone to the computer, 
Here it must be noted, Server and client needs in the same URL. 

Computer side (Server): 
First customize a port (this is set to 1111), then build a ServcerSocket, 
Then call accept () method, this method would have been to wait until the client side even come in, 
The program will execute the next line. 

Side of the build method, I use eclipse, direct NEW-> Java project, after the program comes in,
Press RUN (Ctrl + F11) to perform, and then wait for the Android side even come.

Android terminal (Client):
Here I designed, the program started, we chose a photograph sent to the computer side,
Is divided into two stages:
When the first phase, new one socket, and then into the Server-side IP address and Port number,
The second stage, after the first picture is read, in the presence of buffer,
Then use outputstream output to the Server side.

Finally, because we used network transmission, So remember add INTERNET permission to xml.
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Can you give more code for previewing

abegaz astaatke

it is nessary to me thes ecode plese help for me

abegaz astaatke

the system to take the wifi to laptop to moble is neccssary




Its cide is very compulsory for me . But i have not point please help me hiw i can get this code



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[Android] phone data to a computer (WiFi) (2.08 kB)

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