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2013-10-05 21:27:26
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This article introduces how to use Qt do a simple document editor, the experiment process mainly involves the Qt window design, the menu bar (including the right-click menu), toolbar, status bar, common operations such as text file. Resources for an example on the website: http://www.yafeilinux.com/

Do the experiment under ubuntu originally, but began to build a menu bar and so on, with their "is Chinese, Chinese is not displayed. After running on the Internet for 2 days, all sorts of means are tried, what encoding, what practical QTextCodec this class are tried, no success. Very uncomfortable, temporarily let's turn to under Windows. Under ubuntu is simply designed the program interface, and then get the code to Windows, open the main. After pp file directly in the main, could not have been found in the CPP decode ". The main CPP "with" the System "- encoding this error message, found in the source file can't type in Chinese (such as notes of the time want to use Chinese comments). But in the same engineering other CPP file you can type in Chinese. Watch the CPP file under other encoding System too. Misunderstandings, and coding problem!!

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Name Size Date
find_replace.cpp1.44 kB30-04-10 16:09
find_replace.h398.00 B30-04-10 16:05
find_replace.ui7.99 kB30-04-10 19:09
asave.png1.17 kB15-11-07 19:56
copy.png1.63 kB15-11-07 19:56
cut.png1.79 kB15-11-07 19:56
edit-select-all.png931.00 B11-04-10 21:08
editclear.png1.00 kB11-04-10 21:08
exportpdf.png1.03 kB11-02-10 23:55
fileprint.png1.42 kB11-02-10 23:55
find.png2.17 kB15-11-07 19:56
font.png1.41 kB13-09-06 12:17
myIcon.ico97.34 kB19-11-09 22:57
new.png1.38 kB15-11-07 19:56
open.png2.44 kB15-11-07 19:56
paste.png1.93 kB15-11-07 19:56
qt.png1.39 kB11-02-10 23:55
quit.png928.00 B11-04-10 21:08
redo.png1.59 kB24-12-08 18:55
save.png2.14 kB15-11-07 19:56
stock_delete.png1.19 kB11-04-10 21:08
textcenter.png1.37 kB11-02-10 23:55
textcolor.png4.13 kB05-10-05 21:37
textjustify.png1.23 kB11-02-10 23:55
textleft.png1.21 kB11-02-10 23:55
textright.png1.37 kB11-02-10 23:55
undo.png1.97 kB15-11-07 19:56
yafeilinux.gif5.50 kB29-04-10 16:21
zoom-1.png1.28 kB11-04-10 21:08
zoom-in.png1.30 kB11-04-10 21:08
zoom-out.png1.24 kB11-04-10 21:08
main.cpp517.00 B01-05-10 17:01
mdichild.cpp6.97 kB01-05-10 19:41
mdichild.h1.12 kB30-04-10 21:00
myIcon.rc49.00 B01-05-10 09:26
resources.qrc1.10 kB01-05-10 16:41
textedit.cpp31.10 kB01-05-10 20:02
textedit.h3.87 kB01-05-10 19:18
TextEdit.pro462.00 B01-05-10 09:20
textedit.ui14.19 kB01-05-10 19:53
<images>0.00 B30-04-11 18:32
<TextEdit>0.00 B30-04-11 18:32
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Qt document editor (108.38 kB)

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