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Filterbank-Based Fingerprint Matching

2013-10-30 23:47:23
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based matching has difficulty
in quickly matching two fingerprint images containing different number of unregistered minutiae points.
The proposed filter-based algorithm uses a bank of Gabor filters to capture both local and global details
in a fingerprint as a compact fixed length FingerCode. The fingerprint matching is based on the Euclidean
distance between the two corresponding FingerCodes and hence is extremely fast. We are able to achieve a
verification accuracy which is only marginally inferior to the best results of minutiae-based algorithms
published in the open literature. Our system performs better than a state-of-the-art minutiae-based system
when the performance requirement of the application system does not demand a very low false acceptance rate.
Finally, we show that the matching performance can be improved by combining the decisions of the matchers
based on complementary (minutiae-based and filter-based) fingerprint information.

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disp_hhs.m936.00 B08-12-06|11:22
emd.m17.55 kB08-12-06|11:17
emd.ppt884.00 kB08-12-06|11:17
emd_fmsin.m1.93 kB08-12-06|11:22
emd_local.m9.64 kB08-12-06|11:18
emd_online.m25.53 kB08-12-06|11:18
emd_sampling.m934.00 B08-12-06|11:23
emd_separation.m1.34 kB08-12-06|11:24
emd_triang.m719.00 B08-12-06|11:22
emd_visu.m2.77 kB08-12-06|11:21
extr.m1.74 kB12-03-07|20:44
ex_online.m2.02 kB08-12-06|11:23
hhspectrum.m859.00 B19-03-07|10:17
io.m335.00 B09-03-07|10:17
jemd.m18.96 kB13-03-07|10:39
toimage.m1.84 kB08-12-06|11:21
EMD0.00 B09-03-07|18:55
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Nice codes and very very easy to understand


I'm not able to download the source code. Could you please provide a solution.

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Filterbank-Based Fingerprint Matching (583.93 kB)(535.96 kB)

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