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Matlab Radial Interpolation Method

2013-10-30 23:30:21
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This Matlab code provides the radial interpolation methods for multi-dimensional scattered data. The interpolation methods is best used for radial basis function whose values depend only on the distances of the input variables to the origin. An example of the use of the code is shown below.

%1D example
x = 0:1.25:10; f = sin(x);
xi = 0:.1:10;

%Matlab interpolation
fi = interp1(x,f,xi);

% RBF interpolation
rbf=rbfcreate(x, f);
fi = rbfinterp(xi, rbf);

%2D example
x = rand(50,1)*4-2; y = rand(50,1)*4-2; z = x.*exp(-x.^2-y.^2);

ti = -2:.05:2;
[XI,YI] = meshgrid(ti,ti);

%Matlab interpolation
ZI = griddata(x,y,z,XI,YI,'cubic');

%RBF interpolation
rbf=rbfcreate([x'; y'], z');
ZI = rbfinterp([XI(:)'; YI(:)'], op);
ZI = reshape(ZI, size(XI));

Optional parameters:

1. Radial Base Function:
rbfcreate(x, f ,'RBFFunction', 'multiquadric');
available RBF functions are: multiquadric, gaussian, linear, cubic, thinplate
2. Smoothing level: (must be a positive scalar)
rbfcreate(x, f ,'RBFSmooth', 0.1);
3. Multiquadric and gaussian functions have definable constants
rbfcreate(x, f ,?RBFConstant', 0.1);

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Matlab Radial Interpolation Method (2.88 kB)

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