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Random Waypoint Model matlab code

2013-11-27 01:25:53
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The Random Waypoint Mobility Model includes pause times between changes in direction and/or speed . A mobile node(MN) begins by staying in one location for a certain period of time (i.e., a pause time). Once this time expires, the MN chooses a random destination in the simulation area and a speed that is uniformly distributed between [minspeed, maxspeed]. The MN then travels toward the newly chosen destination at the selected speed. Upon arrival, the MN pauses for a specified time period before starting the process again.
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Generate_Mobility.m10.92 kB2011-04-01 10:32
license.txt1.30 kB2011-04-01 11:00
test_Animate.m1.56 kB2011-04-01 10:35
test_Execute.m626.00 B2011-04-01 10:35
smooth_is_better_than_sharp_a_random_mobility_model_for.pdf203.48 kB2013-11-04 15:38
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good jobs keep it up

tanu goyal


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Random Waypoint Model matlab code (146.03 kB)

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