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2013-11-26 10:24:10
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Using CListCtrl control process, we will find easy to use and do not, especially in the use of "report" display mode, and want to add a background color to the specified entry, CListCtrl control sets the color functions can only be provided by the control's interface look good, does not meet our requirements, we are unable to add one or several specific items on different colors to differentiate. Fortunately many users of VC in transformation of CListCtrl class, did a lot of work on making it more powerful, developed a variety of inherited classes to achieve this function, Sven Freitag is one of them. He sent a CListCtrl inherited class CColorListCtrl implements entries plus the background color to the specified function, and gratis to VC users online, I collected his source code in the source code, readers can read to learn about it.

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<ColorListCtrl>0.00 B07-06-05 11:13
coloredlistctrl源代码.zip22.73 kB07-06-05 11:12
修改后的ColoredListCtrl.rar18.00 kB07-06-05 11:13
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