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Using MATLAB begged MFCC

2013-11-14 23:59:23
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Using MATLAB for MFCC extraction of speech signal
Master step:

1、 Pre-emphasis

Pre-emphasis is actually a high-pass filter, which Shun high-pass filter transfer function for:

             语音特征参数MFCC的提取及识别  < /c31>        

其中 Evaluates to 0.97 , The highpass filter low-frequency is the role, makes the high-frequency characteristics of speech signal more emergent.

2、 Frame and windowing

As voice signals only rendering smoothness in a relatively short period of time (generally considered to 10-30ms ), So the voice signal is divided into a short time frame. Dynamic information simultaneously to avoid losing your voice signals, will have some overlap between adjacent frames, overlap a frame for a period of 1/2 or 1/3. And then each frame to get on window function to increase the continuity of the left and right per frame.

3、 Frame signal FFT 变换

For each frame after frame window signal FFT Transform spectrum of the received frame. And the modulus squared of the voice signal spectrum by power spectrum for speech signal.

4、 Triangle filter coefficients for selection of

Define number of bandpass Delta filter (k) 0<=m<=M M Filter number center frequency f(m), Each bandpass Delta filter frequency response

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Using MATLAB begged MFCC (1.05 kB)

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