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Markov Chain Monte Carlo stochastic differential equations

2013-11-24 03:16:10
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Markov Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods (including random walk Monte Carlo methods) is a set of algorithms by Markov chains from randomly sampled DIBEN steps before. More results, the better.

Establishment of a Markov chain is not difficult for a specified property. Difficult is how to reach qualified figures within permission errors. Markov chains can also be fast mixing phase – starting from rapid access to a stable status-please refer to maximum time for Markov chains .

Due to the initial sample, the most common of MCMC sampling can only approximate to be distributed. Complex of improved MCMC algorithms such as coupling in the past , but they consume more computing resources and time.

Typical use is to simulate a pedestrian path optimization of a random walk. Every one of them count as a State. Without statistics through most places will more likely destined for the next step. Markov Monte Carlo method is a combination of the Monte Carlo method to solution. But unlike previous Monte Carlo integration are statistically independent , MCMC is statistically relevant .

Related applications of this method include the following: Bayesian statistics , and Computational Physics , and computational biology and computational linguistics , in addition to Mr Gill's writings.

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<>0.00 B2009-10-08 10:33
DESCRIPTION380.00 B2009-10-08 16:06
<>0.00 B2009-08-28 12:24
<>0.00 B2009-10-08 16:06
debug.pdf64.38 kB2009-10-08 16:06
metrop.pdf90.10 kB2009-08-28 15:22
demo.pdf1,011.60 kB2009-10-08 16:06
debug.Rnw12.62 kB2009-10-08 10:22
temper.tex10.61 kB2009-08-28 15:06
demo.Rnw20.24 kB2009-09-20 17:47
Makefile306.00 B2009-10-08 10:29
temper.pdf95.75 kB2009-08-28 15:22
demo.tex24.66 kB2009-10-08 16:06
debug.tex12.54 kB2009-10-08 16:06
metrop.tex15.14 kB2009-08-28 12:24
<>0.00 B2009-10-08 10:23
temp-par-witch.Rout.save2.38 kB2009-09-20 17:58
logitlogidx.R3.00 kB2009-08-28 12:24
logitnegidx.Rout.save3.96 kB2009-08-28 12:24
saveseed.Rout.save1.00 kB2009-09-20 19:15
logitsubbat.R2.96 kB2009-08-28 12:24
temp-par.R9.14 kB2009-09-08 05:07
logitsub.R2.80 kB2009-08-28 12:24
temp-par-witch.R899.00 B2009-09-08 05:13
logitfun.Rout.save4.11 kB2009-08-28 12:24
logitfun.R3.12 kB2009-08-28 12:24
logitnegidx.R2.99 kB2009-08-28 12:24
circle.Rout.save2.72 kB2009-08-28 12:24
temp-ser.Rout.save11.67 kB2009-09-20 17:58
logitbat.Rout.save3.88 kB2009-08-28 12:24
temp-par.Rout.save11.75 kB2009-09-20 17:57
logitidx.R3.00 kB2009-08-28 12:24
logitvec.R3.06 kB2009-08-28 12:24
logitbat.R2.92 kB2009-08-28 12:24
initseq.R1.16 kB2009-08-28 12:24
logit.Rout.save4.77 kB2009-08-28 12:24
circle.R1.98 kB2009-08-28 12:24
logitidx.Rout.save3.96 kB2009-08-28 12:24
logitmat.R3.26 kB2009-10-07 19:04
temp-ser-witch.R1.11 kB2009-09-08 05:13
logitfunarg.R1.59 kB2009-08-28 12:24
initseq.Rout.save2.12 kB2009-09-04 17:00
saveseed.R391.00 B2009-09-20 19:13
temp-ser.R8.51 kB2009-09-08 05:04
logitvec.Rout.save4.04 kB2009-08-28 12:24
logitlogidx.Rout.save3.96 kB2009-08-28 12:24
logitfunarg.Rout.save2.95 kB2009-08-28 12:24
logitsubbat.Rout.save3.92 kB2009-08-28 12:24
logitsub.Rout.save3.75 kB2009-08-28 12:24
temp-ser-witch.Rout.save2.42 kB2009-09-20 17:59
logit.R2.61 kB2009-08-28 12:24
logitmat.Rout.save4.60 kB2009-10-07 19:11
<>0.00 B2009-10-08 14:53
logit.Rd524.00 B2009-09-08 06:24
temper.Rd11.54 kB2009-10-08 14:53
initseq.Rd4.38 kB2009-10-07 09:07
metrop.Rd5.78 kB2009-10-08 11:31
foo.Rd470.00 B2009-09-07 16:20
olbm.Rd1.22 kB2009-08-28 12:24
ChangeLog2.31 kB2009-10-08 10:33
<>0.00 B2009-09-08 06:23
foo.txt5.55 kB2009-09-07 16:14
logit.txt2.72 kB2009-09-08 06:23
NAMESPACE194.00 B2009-08-29 13:32
COPYING1.49 kB2009-08-28 12:24
<>0.00 B2009-10-08 16:06
getListElement.c1.97 kB2009-08-28 12:24
metrop.c16.81 kB2009-10-07 19:09
getScalarInteger.c1.96 kB2009-08-29 14:49
myutil.h1.74 kB2009-08-29 14:51
isAllFinite.c1.83 kB2009-08-28 12:24
olbm.c3.18 kB2009-08-28 12:24
temper.c41.80 kB2009-10-08 09:24
getScalarLogical.c1.84 kB2009-08-29 14:52
initseq.c3.59 kB2009-08-28 12:24
<>0.00 B2009-10-07 18:54
temper.R2.62 kB2009-09-20 17:21
initseq.R136.00 B2009-08-28 12:24
olbm.R601.00 B2009-08-28 12:24
metrop.R2.12 kB2009-10-07 18:54
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Markov Chain Monte Carlo stochastic differential equations (578.94 kB)

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