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Channel Estimation of OFDM signals using MMSE

2013-11-26 10:13:22
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Minimum Mean Square Error (MMSE) estimator describes the approach which minimizes the mean square error (MSE), which is a common measure of estimator quality.The MMSE estimator is then defined as the estimator achieving minimal MSE.

In our approach to estimating the channel utilizing the MMSE algorithm, we worked on the principle of finding the lowest value in comparison with the expected value of each function and squaring it. The main idea was the difference between the expected and actual values of the channel impulse response.

The estimated value of the channel impulse response is calculated using the inputs,outputs and the covariance of the noise associated in the process. This estimated value and the actual value of the impulse response is then compared together to find out the estimation error. Therefore the MMSE estimator achieves the minimum squared value of the error through successive iterations.
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Channel Estimation of OFDM signals using MMSE (13.48 kB)

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