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Linux IIC devices driver development

2013-11-25 02:31:39
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1. I 2C VME overview

I2C(Inter-Integrated Circuit) Bus is a Philips Company has developed two-wire serial bus used to connect a microcontroller and peripheral devices. I2C bus the main advantages are simplicity and effectiveness.

1.1. I 2C Bus works

I2C Bus is the data cable SDA And the clock SCL Consisting of a serial bus, various control devices are connected in parallel on the bus, each device has a unique address identification can be used as a transmitting device or receiver devices on the bus ( Determined by device-specific capabilities ) I2C bus interface circuit structure shown in Figure 1 below.

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正在学习写linux i2c驱动 内核是3.1的不?

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Linux IIC devices driver development (296.46 kB)

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