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2013-11-24 02:09:30
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Summary 1
Preface 1
System overview in Chapter 2
1.1 Introduction 2
1.2 program objectives and significance of 2
1.3 main design features 3
Chapter II development option 4
2.1 choice of development tool 4
2.2 introduction to the VISUAL BASIC programming environment under WINDOWS 4
2.2.1 function overview of the Visual Basic 4
2.3 relations with ACCESS2000 database 7
2.3.1 database concept 7
2.3.2 create a database 7
2.3.4 to implement database linkage between 8
2.3.5 relational database implementations 8
2.4 the combination of (DBA) 9
2.5 hardware development environment 9
System analysis of Chapter 10
3.1 importance of systems analysis 10
3.2 demand analysis 11
3.3 a feasibility analysis 11
Chapter fourth system master plan 12
4.1 system architecture 12
4.2 system flow chart 14
4.3 conclusions 14
Chapter fifth system detailed design 16
Submodule 5.1 system features an overview of 16
5.2 user interface realization 16
5.2.1 login screen 16
5.2.2 main interface 17
5.2.3 system management interface 18
5.2.4 students ' archive management interface 19
5.2.5 the management interface of the class 24
5.2.6 students paying administrative interface 24
5.2.7 course management interface 25
5.2.8 Administration interface 26
5.3 database implementation 27
5.4 system features 31
5.5 existing problems and improvement of 31
Chapter Sixth system test 32
6.1 classification system test 32
6.2 system characteristics of test 33
6.3 Summary this chapter 33
The seventh chapter conclusions 34
Thanks eighth chapter 35
Reference 36

Student information management system is a typical management information systems (MIS), which mainly includes the backend database creation and maintenance, as well as two front-end application development. Which calls for the establishment of strong consistency and integrity of data, data security is good. Whereas the latter requires the application to fully featured, easy to use and so on.
After analysis, we use the MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC development tool company, providing a variety of object-oriented development tools, in particular data window that makes it easy and simple to manipulate smart object database, first build system application prototype in a short time, and then, to demand the initial prototype system iteration, and constantly revised and improved, until they form a viable system of customer satisfaction.
Keywords: form field controls VISULBASIC ACCESS database

The system of managing student file is a typical application of managing information system (know as MIS),which mainly includes building up data-base of back-end and developing the application interface of front-end. The former required consistency and integrality and security of data. The later should make the application powerful and easily used.
By looking up lots of datum, we selected Visual Basic presented by Microsoft because of its objective tools in Win32. VB offered a series of ActiveX operating a data-base. It can give you a short-cut to build up a prototype of system application. The prototype could be modified and developed till users are satisfied with it.
Keywords: ActiveX Form Field VB Access DataBase

Student information management system is an integral part of an educational unit, its content for schools
Policy and management is essential, so the design of student information management system is provided for the user to be able to
Plenty of information and efficient means for the core content of the query. Has been used by traditional manual
Manage file information is so backward, there are a lot of shortcomings, low efficiency and confidentiality
The problem of poor in particular. Workload a little, there will be a large number of documents and data should be maintained,
Some of the man-made problems which cannot be solved.
As science and technology continues to improve, computer applications more and more widely, as a great feature for people
Understanding, it has entered all areas of human society and is playing an increasingly important role. As meter
Part of computer application, using a computer to manage student information, is having the manual working not more than
Advantages of the proposed, retrieval fast and easy to find, high reliability and large memory capacity, privacy is good, long life,
This low. These apparent advantages could greatly increase the efficiency of school administrators, namely
Improve the efficiency of student information management. These reasons coupled with the instructor's wise guidance, select
Sample of one of the students ' information management system design becomes a necessity.
Let me turn to the student information management issues encountered in the development of the systems and solutions

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<开题报告>0.00 B16% 03-06-12
论文.doc264.00 kB01-06-12 19:17
.oca259.00 kB09-06-12 20:44
DataEnvironment1.Dsr8.21 kB09-06-12 18:09
DataEnvironment1.dsx168.00 B06-06-12 13:01
DataReportclass.Dsr25.45 kB04-06-12 06:01
DataReportclass.dsx23.00 B05-06-12 19:34
DataReportclass2.Dsr17.97 kB04-06-12 19:18
DataReportclass2.dsx23.00 B06-06-12 09:16
DataReportxuefei1.Dsr15.20 kB07-06-12 19:14
DataReportxuefei1.dsx23.00 B01-06-12 12:58
db1.ldb64.00 B05-06-12 08:57
Form1.frm13.14 kB07-06-12 09:14
Form2.frm9.33 kB03-06-12 16:00
Form3.frm14.17 kB08-06-12 01:03
Form4.frm7.34 kB09-06-12 09:46
Formclass1.frm8.31 kB02-06-12 16:21
Formclass2.frm14.34 kB07-06-12 06:18
Formclass3.frm6.03 kB01-06-12 17:54
Formjiao1.frm12.68 kB04-06-12 12:11
frmcj1.frm9.14 kB09-06-12 03:39
frmcj2.frm23.46 kB10-06-12 01:08
Frmclasskecheng1.frm11.71 kB05-06-12 10:10
Frmdenlu.frm6.43 kB07-06-12 11:04
Frmjf2.frm17.24 kB06-06-12 03:23
Frmjf3.frm12.92 kB10-06-12 21:40
frmjiben.frm11.76 kB06-06-12 04:27
Frmleixing.frm8.66 kB05-06-12 00:38
Frmmodpwd.frm2.49 kB06-06-12 22:39
Frmxuefei2.frm15.31 kB05-06-12 17:32
Frmxuefei3.frm7.49 kB10-06-12 02:52
MDIForm1.frm11.90 kB05-06-12 12:18
Module1.bas2.51 kB08-06-12 17:26
MSSCCPRJ.SCC190.00 B04-06-12 00:33
user1.frm11.80 kB02-06-12 22:19
xs.mdb224.00 kB04-06-12 10:12
2006110206061921980.jpg139.54 kB03-06-12 00:39
mhxj_09.jpg166.27 kB04-06-12 16:22
小樱桃.gif10.56 kB10-06-12 05:36
工程1.PDM5.76 kB05-06-12 10:31
工程1.vbp2.39 kB02-06-12 01:03
工程1.vbw1.31 kB04-06-12 00:11
说明.txt3.39 kB09-06-12 14:33
描述.txt3.53 kB08-06-12 04:22
双鱼林程序设计网.url557.00 B05-06-12 00:52
点我查看更多毕业设计.url238.00 B08-06-12 11:32
点我查询更多毕业设计.url205.00 B10-06-12 16:01
<ͼƬ>0.00 B01-06-12 20:01
<文档>0.00 B02-06-12 08:41
<源码>0.00 B04-06-12 20:33
<vb学生信息管理系统全套>0.00 B11-06-12 06:58
<学生信息管理系统(vb+access实现)>0.00 B02-06-12 22:01
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VB student information management system complete (492.19 kB)

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