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Realization virtual electric piano based on VHDL

2013-11-24 01:32:31
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This program design using VHDL language virtual keyboard. Hammond organ design consists of four modules: play module keyplay, auto play module AutoPlay, check gauges and display module table and frequency module fenpin. Plays modules keyplay under the key key indicates the pitch index_key; auto play module AutoPlay 接收 1024Hz Clock signal output index_auto; Table look-up and display module table According to the press button Choose the index_key ndex_auto To find frequency coefficient tables, the output frequency coefficient tone 。 同时将音调对应的BCDcode0(低音)code1(中音)code2( 高音 ) Output for each of the three digital; crossover module fenpin received tabled frequency coefficient of the output toneand frequency, corresponding to frequency signal buzz Output to the speakers for sound.

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Realization virtual electric piano based on VHDL (6.10 kB)

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