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Using the ARP protocol active hosts within the local network physical address

2013-11-24 01:53:32
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Ethernet For our extensive use Ethernet Equipment is to 48 MAC Address transmitting data frame and, therefore, must have a protocol maintenance IP The correspondence between addresses and physical addresses. Host system maintains a table used to store dynamic or static mappings between two addresses, ARP(Address Resolution Protocol) protocol is used to determine the above Mapping Protocol.

ARP 协议 (The Address Resolve Protocol, address resolution protocol ) TCP/IP Protocol layer (数据链路层) ,用于将 IP Address to the network adapter physical address (NIC 's MAC address, media access control address ) ARP process are summarized below: source hosts to broadcast mode sends a destination IP address of the ARP request packet, destination host receives the packet, constructs and sends ARP response packet, Within the package containing the destination host's IP address and MAC address for correspondence, the source host when the packet is received that correspondence will be temporarily cached, saving on unnecessary ARP communications.

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Name Size Date
01.97 kB
ARPcap.aps21.18 kB2013-11-12 15:12
ARPcap.clw1.27 kB2008-11-08 10:17
ARPcap.cpp1.85 kB2008-10-25 14:05
ARPcap.dsp4.29 kB2008-10-27 15:09
ARPcap.dsw535.00 B2008-10-25 14:05
ARPcap.h1.29 kB2008-10-25 14:05
ARPcap.ncb9.67 MB2013-11-12 15:15
ARPcap.opt49.50 kB2008-11-08 10:17
ARPcap.plg554.00 B2008-11-08 10:17
ARPcap.rc5.37 kB2008-11-01 12:29
ARPcap.suo3.00 kB2013-11-12 15:15
ARPcapDlg.cpp14.91 kB2008-11-08 16:35
ARPcapDlg.h1.64 kB2008-11-02 12:45
01.97 kB
ARPcap.bsc3.66 MB2008-11-02 13:04
ARPcap.exe108.05 kB2008-11-08 10:17
ARPcap.ilk223.57 kB2008-11-08 10:17
ARPcap.obj16.69 kB2008-11-02 13:04
ARPcap.res2.57 kB2008-11-01 12:34
<ARPcap.sbr>0.00 B2008-11-02 13:04
ARPcapDlg.obj42.18 kB2008-11-08 10:17
ARPcapDlg.sbr53.69 kB2008-11-08 10:17
StdAfx.obj102.98 kB2008-10-27 14:55
StdAfx.sbr1.31 MB2008-10-27 14:55
vc60.idb233.00 kB2008-11-08 10:17
vc60.pdb364.00 kB2008-11-08 10:17
ReadMe.txt3.50 kB2008-10-25 14:05
01.96 kB
Resource.h914.00 B2008-11-01 12:29
ARPcap.ico1.05 kB2008-10-25 14:05
ARPcap.rc2398.00 B2008-10-25 14:05
Thumbs.db6.00 kB2008-11-05 11:01
StdAfx.cpp208.00 B2008-10-25 14:05
StdAfx.h1.03 kB2008-10-25 14:05
Var_Define.h2.32 kB2008-11-02 10:56
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Using the ARP protocol active hosts within the local network physical address (5.39 MB)

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