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2013-11-27 01:04:11
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this is the basic code of the original SOLA-VOF code, this code is written in FORTAN language.

In this report a simple, but powerful, computer program is

presented for the solution of two-dimensional transient fluid
flow with free boundaries. The SOLA-VOF program, which is
based on the concept of a fractional volume of fluid (VOF), is
more flexible and efficient than other methods for treating arbitrary
free boundaries.
SOLA-VOF has a variety of user options that provide capabilities
for a wide range of applications. Its basic mode of
operation :Lsfor single fluid calculations having multiple free
surfaces. However, SOLA-VOF can also be used for calculations
involving two fluids separated by a sharp interface. In either
case, the fluids may be treated as incompressible or as having
limited compressibility. Surface tension forces with wall adhesion
are permitted in both cases. Internal obstacles may be
defined by blocking out any desired combination of cells in the
mesh, which is composed of rectangular cells of variable size.
SOLA-VOF is an easy-to-use program. Its logical parts are
isolated in separate subroutines, and numerous special features
have been included to simplify its operation, such as an automatic
time-step control, a flexible mesh generator, extensive
output capabilities, a variety of optional boundary conditions,
and instructive internal documentation.

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不知道有没有openfoam的vof mixture的代码?





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Sola VOF FORTRAN (4.29 MB)

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