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2013-12-11 22:00:25
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GuiToolkit MFC Extension

GuiToolkit is a complete set of classes based on MFC, that allows you to build applications with nice and sophisticated interfaces such as Visual Studio .NET, Office 2003 etc. The primary target is to have a complete free library that can be used without restrictions and suitable to user or programmers needs. This class set includes file management, connection through ADO, up to complex user's interface classes.

Guitoolkit was developed based on Paul Dilascia's classes (Father of almost all of this kind of libraries), including features like a Menu System and a floating bar (Thanks Paul for let me "ruin" all its wonderful code, hope he understand that I did it with sincerely my best intention); about the NewMenu Class (written by Bruno Podetti) I used "Hook" system. As a principal fact, I been tried to focus in code simplicity, in the way that you could isolate a class to understand it. Don't expect to find in this library complex classes embedded into other, or sophisticated programming techniques.

I've tried to respect and preserve original class names of different authors, so every class that don't begins with "Gui", wasn't written by me. As you could see I'm the author of the 9x% of this classes.

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File list

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Name Size Date
01.97 kB
DefaultTemplate.11.1.xaml57.81 kB2013-12-05|23:47
LabDefaultTemplate.11.xaml22.12 kB2013-12-05|23:47
UpgradeTemplate.xaml6.85 kB2013-12-05|23:47
01.97 kB
GUIToolkit.sln1.24 kB2013-12-05|23:47
GUIToolkit.vssscc256.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
Event.h558.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
Render.cpp870.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
Render.h462.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
Resource.h138.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
SmartPtr.h2.20 kB2013-12-05|23:47
System.cpp636.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
System.h283.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
GUIToolkit.h285.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
GUIToolkit.vcxproj6.55 kB2013-12-05|23:47
GUIToolkit.vcxproj.filters4.44 kB2013-12-05|23:47
GUIToolkit.vcxproj.vspscc257.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
01.97 kB
ActiveXHost.cpp317.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
ActiveXHost.h323.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
Application.cpp2.05 kB2013-12-05|23:47
Application.h641.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
CommonControls.cpp11.73 kB2013-12-05|23:47
CommonControls.h4.37 kB2013-12-05|23:47
ContentControl.h405.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
EventArgs.h1.06 kB2013-12-05|23:47
HwndHost.cpp5.82 kB2013-12-05|23:47
HwndHost.h1.91 kB2013-12-05|23:47
InputDevice.h1.32 kB2013-12-05|23:47
LayoutEngine.cpp1.61 kB2013-12-05|23:47
LayoutEngine.h689.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
NativeHost.cpp972.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
NativeHost.h666.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
Panel.cpp2.44 kB2013-12-05|23:47
Panel.h1.17 kB2013-12-05|23:47
TextBox.cpp2.66 kB2013-12-05|23:47
TextBox.h564.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
Timer.cpp672.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
Timer.h590.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
ToolTip.cpp742.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
ToolTip.h1.35 kB2013-12-05|23:47
UIElement.cpp4.58 kB2013-12-05|23:47
UIElement.h7.45 kB2013-12-05|23:47
Window.cpp6.07 kB2013-12-05|23:47
Window.h627.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
Main.cpp2.71 kB2013-12-05|23:47
resource.h904.00 B2013-12-05|23:47
Resource.rc4.95 kB2013-12-05|23:47
windows.ico30.17 kB2013-12-05|23:47
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