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2013-12-12 05:19:49
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Test settings

1, using test settings tree categories, unlimited level of nodes, convenient for fine construction of questions Bank.
2, according to the classification of knowledge examination question Bank permissions assigned to prevent unauthorized operation.
3, configurable test bank auditing, effective management of test development, guarantee the correctness of the published paper.
4 test bank operations, complete logs, any operations on the questions and comments have been recorded, prevent database leaks.

Types of support

1, support the basic question types include: radio blanks, multiple choice, judgement and, calculation, questions and answers.
2, supports the evaluation questions, suitable for application of various quality assessment, psychological tests, test results can be issued by the corresponding report.
Question 3, support actions, applies to actions Word/Excel/Office tools such as proficiency testing.
4, support for voice problems, apply to language testing and examination and assessment of the quality of customer service.
5, support for typing questions, suitable for testing your typing speed and accuracy.
6, supports the types of custom functions, allowing users to create yourself a variety of questions.
(In addition, SmartExam also reserved for the types of third parties to develop special interfaces, for example, support for software operation problems. )

Bulk maintenance

1, support for text, Excel, Word format, import and export functionality, adapt to the habits of the different types of users.
2, you can edit images directly in the Word document, table, system analysis, conversion will be carried out during the import process.
3, questions the import process, due to some formatting errors, system can not only prompt and accurate, and errors and can guide the customer navigates to the appropriate spot.
4, provide efficient similarity checking, avoid duplication of test inputs and provide reference for administrators to manage database.


Examination process

1, to provide the test room environment check functions to ensure that candidates with computer configuration meets the test requirements.
2 valid time, according to the test taker permissions, test paper lists such as list of candidates who sat for the exam papers.
3, support for a candidate to take the examination, answer sheet, hand, view scores, complete process;
4 provide test navigation and question mark function, candidates can easily check the answers.
5, support supervisor's control is carried out by monitoring operations, support automatic countdown and automatic test paper exam.
6, support candidates score ranking queries, queries, answers and answer queries, knowledge the right rate statistics, and so on.
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File list

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Name Size Date
.classpath432.00 B04-07-11 20:08
.mymetadata285.00 B04-07-11 09:44
.project1.17 kB13-06-11 08:25
.jsdtscope500.00 B13-06-11 08:25
org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs330.00 B13-06-11 08:25
org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.ui.superType.container49.00 B13-06-11 08:25
org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.ui.superType.name6.00 B13-06-11 08:25
exam.mdf3.00 MB11-02-12 16:26
exam_log.ldf1.00 MB11-02-12 16:26
Banji.java371.00 B22-06-11 16:20
Course.java339.00 B28-06-11 09:41
DBconn.java393.00 B14-06-11 10:10
DBHandle.java7.32 kB05-07-11 08:54
Score.java1,004.00 B29-06-11 10:23
Student.java825.00 B23-06-11 16:30
Teacher.java492.00 B28-06-11 09:35
Tea_Cou_Cla.java525.00 B29-06-11 10:20
Title.java1.76 kB05-07-11 08:43
LoginServlet.java2.60 kB04-07-11 15:41
ManagerAssignServlet.java2.13 kB04-07-11 16:09
ManagerServlet.java19.37 kB04-07-11 16:21
Manager_AssignServlet.java2.14 kB01-07-11 16:34
Manager_ClassServlet.java1.69 kB28-06-11 16:41
Manager_CourseServlet.java1.96 kB28-06-11 16:25
Manager_StudentServlet.java3.22 kB27-06-11 09:34
Manager_TeacherServlet.java1.64 kB28-06-11 10:42
StudentServlet.java6.31 kB06-07-11 09:56
TeacherServlet.java8.12 kB05-07-11 09:09
Teacher_TitleServlet.java5.18 kB05-07-11 15:27
bg.swf25.88 kB02-06-11 10:44
bg.jpg1.81 kB22-04-11 22:11
Login.jpg30.75 kB10-05-11 18:55
Thumbs.db17.50 kB13-06-11 09:15
top.gif57.02 kB13-06-11 09:15
index.jsp829.00 B04-07-11 20:07
Login.jsp7.02 kB05-07-11 08:35
Manager.jsp1.32 kB22-06-11 15:25
Manager_Assign.jsp6.86 kB04-07-11 10:39
Manager_Assign_Add.jsp4.10 kB01-07-11 16:15
Manager_Class.jsp5.00 kB04-07-11 10:34
Manager_Class_Add.jsp2.25 kB28-06-11 16:39
Manager_Course.jsp5.03 kB04-07-11 09:48
Manager_Course_Add.jsp2.31 kB28-06-11 16:21
Manager_psdAlter.jsp3.97 kB28-06-11 09:15
Manager_Query.jsp6.64 kB04-07-11 10:42
Manager_Student.jsp6.15 kB04-07-11 10:31
Manager_Student_Add.jsp3.80 kB24-06-11 16:33
Manager_Student_Alter.jsp4.29 kB27-06-11 09:40
Manager_Teacher.jsp5.02 kB29-06-11 10:42
Manager_Teacher_Add.jsp2.30 kB30-06-11 16:48
MANIFEST.MF36.00 B13-06-11 08:25
M_Top.jsp5.29 kB28-06-11 16:14
expressInstall.swf773.00 B13-06-11 09:12
swfobject_modified.js21.84 kB13-06-11 09:12
Student.jsp1.31 kB04-07-11 14:57
Student_Online_Exam.jsp5.87 kB06-07-11 09:55
Student_psdAlter.jsp4.04 kB05-07-11 08:40
Student_Query.jsp5.16 kB06-07-11 09:16
Student_Result.jsp4.21 kB06-07-11 10:08
Student_Test_Info.jsp5.57 kB06-07-11 08:47
Success.jsp1.74 kB28-06-11 11:05
S_Success.jsp1.74 kB04-07-11 20:44
S_Top.jsp5.12 kB06-07-11 08:09
Tail.jsp1.19 kB22-06-11 15:23
Teacher.jsp1.39 kB04-07-11 20:29
Teacher_psdAlter.jsp3.96 kB04-07-11 15:07
Teacher_Query.jsp5.94 kB04-07-11 20:30
Teacher_Title.jsp6.21 kB05-07-11 15:30
Teacher_Title_Add.jsp6.44 kB05-07-11 14:49
Teacher_Title_Alter.jsp6.74 kB05-07-11 15:19
T_Success.jsp1.74 kB04-07-11 20:35
T_Top.jsp5.13 kB04-07-11 14:54
Banji.class761.00 B05-07-11 07:57
Course.class748.00 B05-07-11 07:57
DBconn.class902.00 B05-07-11 07:57
DBHandle.class8.84 kB05-07-11 08:54
Score.class1.56 kB05-07-11 07:57
Student.class1.33 kB05-07-11 07:57
Teacher.class952.00 B05-07-11 07:57
Tea_Cou_Cla.class959.00 B05-07-11 07:57
Title.class2.42 kB05-07-11 08:43
LoginServlet.class3.00 kB05-07-11 07:57
ManagerAssignServlet.class2.89 kB05-07-11 07:57
ManagerServlet.class12.45 kB05-07-11 07:57
Manager_AssignServlet.class2.92 kB05-07-11 07:56
Manager_ClassServlet.class2.58 kB05-07-11 07:56
Manager_CourseServlet.class2.40 kB05-07-11 07:56
Manager_StudentServlet.class4.20 kB05-07-11 07:56
Manager_TeacherServlet.class2.40 kB05-07-11 07:56
StudentServlet.class6.37 kB06-07-11 09:56
TeacherServlet.class6.88 kB05-07-11 09:09
Teacher_TitleServlet.class5.44 kB05-07-11 15:27
sqljdbc.jar226.51 kB22-04-11 22:11
web.xml5.25 kB05-07-11 09:47
创建学生表.txt5.64 kB19-03-11 22:47
创建教师表.txt656.00 B12-03-11 21:03
创建班级表.txt999.00 B12-03-11 16:24
创建管理员表.txt593.00 B17-03-11 17:06
创建课程表.txt1.13 kB12-03-11 21:21
成绩表.txt1.37 kB08-05-11 09:09
教师课程班级表.txt873.00 B17-03-11 15:42
题库表.txt791.00 B05-07-11 07:46
<java>0.00 B05-07-11 07:56
<servlet>0.00 B05-07-11 07:56
<gao>0.00 B05-07-11 07:56
<java>0.00 B14-06-11 09:56
<servlet>0.00 B14-06-11 08:32
<classes>0.00 B13-06-11 08:25
<lib>0.00 B13-06-11 08:25
<gao>0.00 B14-06-11 08:32
<images>0.00 B13-06-11 09:34
<META-INF>0.00 B13-06-11 08:25
<Scripts>0.00 B13-06-11 09:34
<WEB-INF>0.00 B13-06-11 08:25
<.myeclipse>0.00 B13-06-11 08:25
<.settings>0.00 B13-06-11 08:25
<src>0.00 B13-06-11 08:25
<WebRoot>0.00 B13-06-11 08:25
<数据库中一些表的设计>0.00 B14-06-11 10:20
<Exam>0.00 B13-06-11 08:25
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its nice project.I am new to java so idont have any idea how to start but your project help me alot thanx


真的很好,好好好好好好好好,你值的拥有,太厉害了 ,找了很久终于找到了,非常十分感


找了好久 好不容易换着积分来下载 毕业设计就指望它了






支持的基本题型包括:单选、多选、判断、填空、计算、问答。 其实只有单选






Good project!


很好的东西 很实用 【需要的朋友可以看我用户名联系我】




ai share cho mình với




good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good

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