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real time video streaming through Bluetooth

2013-12-12 05:05:59
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This project is base on wireless communication between two computers. In this report we have discussed video streaming through Bluetooth. Video is the sequence of frames and streaming is the continuous sending of frames. Real time video streaming is becoming very popular field these days and many applications have been built using different technologies. The technology which we are using for streaming video is Bluetooth 2.0+Edr (enhance data rate). As data rate and distance ranges of Bluetooth is increasing day by day, so we select Bluetooth for video streaming. The project investigates the best possible way for real time streaming using Bluetooth. Video steaming is not like data streaming due to involvement of inherent delay constraints because if the packets are arriving late then it creates some problem in displaying the video. We create this application base on client and server. We have used timers for the rate of frame control which are transmitted and received on both sides of the application. We have designed this for short range and if the results and testing are feasible then latter on it can be implemented on mobile and used for long range video calling without any cost using Bluetooth. It provides a very robust and powerful technology within a short range wireless communication.

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找了好久了这样的资源 对蓝牙的音频与视频服务很有兴趣

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real time video streaming through Bluetooth (26.22 MB)

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