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Java simulation of piano

2013-12-30 00:35:06
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1) programming: first of all, this exercise in order to make Instances of simulated piano , So the first thing you want to build the program interface: via statement Image m_ImgUp Keyboard picture is displayed when generating the keyboard, mouse, and statements Image m_ImgDown Build keyboard, the keyboard picture displayed when the mouse is pressed, final adoption of the statement m_ImgUp=getImage(getDocumentBase(),"img/up.gif") And statements m_ImgDown = getImage getDocumentBase () ,"img/down.gif" ) Loads a picture, build a piano interface. Then, because to achieve simulated piano effect, so analog sound playback, first through the statement AudioClip[]m_AudioClip=new AudioClip[14] generates an array of audio objects, saved seven midrange and seven treble tones, and finally, through the function public void keyPressed ( KeyEvent e) to respond to the keyboard by pressing the action, achieving the sound will play.

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14.AU989.00 B2000-03-22 01:51
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Piano.class5.13 kB2003-07-22 11:46
Piano.html351.00 B2003-05-28 15:39
Piano.java6.60 kB2003-07-22 11:46
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Java simulation of piano (16.58 kB)

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