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Wavelet pseudo spectral method in wave

2013-12-30 00:29:31
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% MATLAB function to initialize and call the solve_sps2d
% function, which implements a 2-D solution of
% the nonlinear wave equation using a psuedospectral
% / staggered A-B method, including attenuation modeled
% with two relaxation mechanisms.
% This example demonstrates harmonic generation
% within a plane wave given a B/A parameter of 5.2.
% To increase the distance of propagation, scale the
% sample grid (num_axpts) by a factor(s) of 2.
% Martin E. Anderson
% Created: 10-4-00 Last modified: 10-11-00
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fit_kt.m5.08 kB03-02-05 10:19
make_animation.m2.65 kB03-02-05 10:19
solve_array.m7.16 kB03-02-05 10:19
solve_phan.m5.01 kB03-02-05 10:19
solve_sps2d.m16.88 kB03-02-05 10:19
validate_attn.m7.30 kB30-08-05 09:56
validate_nonlin.m6.96 kB03-02-05 10:19
<ref>0.00 B0 0%
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Wavelet pseudo spectral method in wave (18.96 kB)

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