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ClassLoader-related code

2014-01-04 01:04:40
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JVM when the class is loaded, via ClassLoader loadClass () method to load class, loadClass (String name) method:
Using parents entrust mode:
When the JVM starts, the class loader in the boot JRE/RT.jar: bootstrap classloader, which loads the core Java API, and ExtClassLoader, and then start the extension ClassLoader loads the extension class, and load the user program loader AppClassLoader and specify ExtClassLoader for the parent class;
When a class is loaded, it will first check is already loaded in memory, if it is, you will no longer be loaded, and if not, then from AppClassLoader to load the first jar found in the bag, is no longer found in the classpath;
If a custom loader classes, namespaces can exist, when different loader loads the same class, the resulting instance is different;

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