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Matlab codefor a software Defined GPS and Galileo Receiver

2014-04-01 04:58:42
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File list

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Name Size Date
acqResults.asv9.21 kB27-03-14 19:33
acquisition.m9.21 kB27-03-14 19:33
calculatePseudoranges.m3.29 kB24-02-09 11:03
findPreambles.m6.57 kB24-02-09 11:03
cart2geo.m1.87 kB24-02-09 11:03
cart2utm.m5.12 kB24-02-09 11:03
check_t.m679.00 B24-02-09 11:03
clksin.m945.00 B24-02-09 11:03
clsin.m619.00 B24-02-09 11:03
deg2dms.m1.00 kB24-02-09 11:03
dms2mat.m1.17 kB24-02-09 11:03
e_r_corr.m1.11 kB24-02-09 11:03
findUtmZone.m2.59 kB24-02-09 11:03
geo2cart.m1.51 kB24-02-09 11:03
leastSquarePos.m4.36 kB24-02-09 11:03
satpos.m5.05 kB24-02-09 11:03
togeod.m2.82 kB24-02-09 11:03
topocent.m1.38 kB24-02-09 11:03
tropo.m2.83 kB24-02-09 11:03
calcLoopCoef.m1.67 kB24-02-09 11:03
checkPhase.m1.87 kB24-02-09 11:03
ephemeris.m7.12 kB24-02-09 11:03
generateCAcode.m3.48 kB24-02-09 11:03
invert.m1.39 kB24-02-09 11:03
makeCaTable.m3.20 kB24-02-09 11:03
navPartyChk.m4.54 kB24-02-09 11:03
preRun.m3.29 kB24-02-09 11:03
showChannelStatus.m2.49 kB24-02-09 11:03
skyPlot.m6.54 kB24-02-09 11:03
twosComp2dec.m1.80 kB24-02-09 11:03
init.m3.16 kB24-02-09 11:03
initSettings.asv4.83 kB24-02-09 11:03
initSettings.m4.83 kB24-02-09 11:03
license.txt17.90 kB24-02-09 11:03
plotAcquisition.m2.18 kB24-02-09 11:03
plotNavigation.m6.33 kB24-02-09 11:03
plotTracking.m6.58 kB24-02-09 11:03
postNavigation.m11.93 kB24-02-09 11:03
postProcessing.m5.95 kB27-03-14 19:28
probeData.m4.19 kB24-02-09 11:03
setSettings.fig14.08 kB24-02-09 11:03
setSettings.m15.94 kB01-04-14 10:14
tracking.m13.18 kB24-02-09 11:03
trackingResults.mat140.31 kB01-04-14 10:17
<geoFunctions>0.00 B27-03-14 18:45
<include>0.00 B27-03-14 18:45
<GNSS_SDR>0.00 B01-04-14 12:11
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Matlab codefor a software Defined GPS and Galileo Receiver (147.36 kB)

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