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Code for content based image retrieval

2014-04-04 00:42:18
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Code for content based image retrieval

Region Based Image Retrieval (RBIR) is an extension of content-based image
retrieval techniques . Region-based image retrieval systems provide new query
types to search for objects embedded in anarbitrary environment. An RBIR system
automatically segments images into a variable number of regions, and uses a
segmentation algorithm to extract a set of features (like color, shapes and sketches)
for each region. A function determines the differences between the database image
and a set of reference regions. Unfortunately, the large evaluation costs of the
dissimilarity function are restricting region-based image retrieval to relatively small
databases . The most crucial part of this approach is the segmentation of the

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Name Size Date
App.ico1.05 kB28-02-06 11:07
AssemblyInfo.cs2.37 kB28-02-06 11:07
CBIR.exe44.00 kB01-03-06 15:58
CBIR.pdb41.50 kB01-03-06 15:58
<Debug>0.00 B01-03-06 18:06
<bin>0.00 B01-03-06 18:06
CBIR.csproj5.08 kB01-03-06 10:55
CBIR.csproj.user1.76 kB01-03-06 18:05
CBIR.sln893.00 B28-02-06 11:07
CBIR.suo8.50 kB01-03-06 18:05
Form1.cs15.04 kB01-03-06 18:04
Form1.resx19.52 kB01-03-06 18:04
ImageHandler.cs1.88 kB01-03-06 14:51
ImageIndex.cs3.81 kB01-03-06 12:59
CBIR.exe44.00 kB01-03-06 15:58
CBIR.Form1.resources15.89 kB01-03-06 14:47
CBIR.pdb41.50 kB01-03-06 15:58
CBIR.projdata12.38 kB01-03-06 18:05
<temp>0.00 B01-03-06 18:06
<TempPE>0.00 B01-03-06 18:06
<Debug>0.00 B01-03-06 18:06
<obj>0.00 B01-03-06 18:06
Operator.cs2.82 kB01-03-06 15:58
Thumbs.db5.00 kB01-03-06 18:06
<CBIR>0.00 B01-03-06 18:06
31.jpg37.95 kB01-03-06 13:58
380.jpg19.83 kB01-03-06 13:59
538.jpg43.48 kB01-03-06 14:00
553.jpg28.34 kB01-03-06 14:00
62.jpg20.35 kB01-03-06 13:59
706.jpg21.36 kB01-03-06 14:00
90.jpg19.80 kB01-03-06 13:59
Thumbs.db298.50 kB01-03-06 18:07
<Database>0.00 B01-03-06 18:07
Thumbs.db33.00 kB01-03-06 18:06
<CBIR>0.00 B01-03-06 18:06
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content based image retrieval system is a good project. i m working on this project if i can get source code then i will be thankful to you.

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Code for content based image retrieval (396.43 kB)

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