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HMM for speech recognition Matlab code

2014-04-12 03:26:02
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Dtw-DTW algorithm demo
Mfcc.m-MFCC parameter calculation program
DTW.m-basic DTW algorithm
Dtw2.m-optimize the DTW algorithm
Testdtw.m-DTW test procedure
VAD.m-activity detection program
Continuous Gaussian mixture HMM cdhmm-demo
PDF.m-Gaussian probability density function
Mixture.m-output probability of Gaussian mixture
Inithmm.m-HMM parameter initialization
GetParam.m-calculate the observed sequence of parameters
Viterbi.m-Viterbi algorithm for speech recognition
Baum.m-Baum-Welch training algorithm (iterative)
Main.m-HMM training program
Train.m-a HMM training program
Recog.m-recognition programs
VAD.m-activity detection program
Mfcc.m-MFCC parameter calculation program
Samples.MAT-the author of Chinese digital 0-9 record
Hmm.MAT-a HMM training results
Record-assisted recording program
The script files record.m-audio program
Record.Fig-audio program GUI
Sample.m callback functions-audio program
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File list

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Name Size Date
approxeq.m225.00 B27-11-99 02:17
consist.m2.57 kB27-11-99 02:17
dist2.m821.00 B27-11-99 02:17
em_converged.m829.00 B27-11-99 02:17
enumerate_loglik.m552.00 B27-11-99 02:17
fixed_lag_demo.m990.00 B27-11-99 02:17
learn_dhmm_demo.m319.00 B27-11-99 02:17
learn_mhmm_demo.m266.00 B27-11-99 02:17
online_em_demo.m2.17 kB27-11-99 02:17
<Examples>0.00 B04-03-08 20:42
fhmm_infer.m7.75 kB27-11-99 02:17
fixed_lag_smoother.m2.08 kB27-11-99 02:17
forwards.m1.30 kB27-11-99 02:17
forwards_backwards.m3.52 kB27-11-99 02:17
gaussian_prob.m607.00 B27-11-99 02:17
gmm.m2.27 kB27-11-99 02:17
gmminit.m2.91 kB27-11-99 02:17
init_mhmm.m1.75 kB27-11-99 02:17
kmeans.m3.51 kB27-11-99 02:17
learn_hmm.m5.48 kB27-11-99 02:17
learn_mhmm.m5.53 kB27-11-99 02:17
<Matlab中文论坛>0.00 BMatlab MatlabƵ
<Matlab中文论坛>0.00 B78% 10-03-08
mk_dhmm_obs_lik.m558.00 B27-11-99 02:17
mk_fhmm_topology.m378.00 B27-11-99 02:17
mk_ghmm_obs_lik.m487.00 B27-11-99 02:17
mk_mhmm_obs_lik.m875.00 B27-11-99 02:17
mk_stochastic.m770.00 B27-11-99 02:17
normalise.m283.00 B27-11-99 02:17
example1.m1.55 kB27-11-99 02:17
fixed_lag_smoother.m1.91 kB27-11-99 02:17
learn_hmm.m3.93 kB27-11-99 02:17
online_em.m2.34 kB27-11-99 02:17
online_em_hmm_demo.m2.04 kB27-11-99 02:17
online_em_pomdp_demo.m2.67 kB27-11-99 02:17
sample_markov_chain.m1.13 kB27-11-99 02:17
<Old>0.00 B04-03-08 20:42
online_em.m2.30 kB27-11-99 02:17
prob_path.m448.00 B27-11-99 02:17
README184.00 B27-11-99 02:17
sample_dhmm.m568.00 B27-11-99 02:17
sample_discrete.m561.00 B27-11-99 02:17
sample_mc.m442.00 B27-11-99 02:17
sample_mdp.m490.00 B27-11-99 02:17
sample_mhmm.m997.00 B27-11-99 02:17
sample_pomdp.m612.00 B27-11-99 02:17
viterbi_path.m1.53 kB27-11-99 02:17
说明.txt727.00 B21-02-06 13:11
<HMM>0.00 B14-03-08 13:56
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很强,很好用 要是能加一些备注就更好了

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HMM for speech recognition Matlab code (168.95 kB)

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