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Incremental Learning for Robust Visual Tracking

2014-04-13 00:12:36
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In this project we make use of the new appearance information that comes available during tracking to incrementally improve a subspace appearance model of the target. The key to this algorithm is a novel incremental algorithm for PCA, allowing for efficient subspace updates.
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Name Size Date
01.96 kB
warpimg.m619.00 B2008-05-04 23:46
estwarp_condens.m1.56 kB2008-05-04 23:46
affparam2geom.m1.18 kB2008-05-04 23:46
sklm.m2.27 kB2008-05-04 23:46
01.96 kB
rc.m417.00 B2008-05-04 23:46
descstat.m642.00 B2008-05-04 23:46
minghsuan_windows.mat4.13 MB2008-05-04 23:46
hall.m2.01 kB2008-05-04 23:46
sklm.m2.28 kB2008-05-04 23:46
dog_windows.mat657.61 kB2008-05-04 23:46
generate_comparison_figure.m1.25 kB2008-05-04 23:46
sylvester_windows.mat4.27 MB2008-05-04 23:46
run_comparison.m2.62 kB2008-05-04 23:46
truepca.m642.00 B2008-05-04 23:46
truepca_svd.m723.00 B2008-05-04 23:46
gram_pca.m954.00 B2008-05-04 23:46
sumsq.m55.00 B2008-05-04 23:46
hall.m2.06 kB2008-05-04 23:46
affparam2mat.m1.09 kB2008-05-04 23:46
drawtrackresult.m3.80 kB2008-05-04 23:46
affparaminv.m452.00 B2008-05-04 23:46
estwarp_grad.m865.00 B2008-05-04 23:46
drawbox.m1.42 kB2008-05-04 23:46
README.txt3.39 kB2008-05-04 23:46
trackparamv6.m5.50 kB2008-05-04 23:46
interp2.cpp4.05 kB2008-05-04 23:46
runtracker_hall.m4.40 kB2008-05-04 23:46
affwarpimg.m595.00 B2008-05-04 23:46
esterrfunc.m1.03 kB2008-05-04 23:46
interp2.mexglx10.47 kB2008-05-04 23:46
estwarp_greedy.m1.24 kB2008-05-04 23:46
interp2.dll24.00 kB2008-05-04 23:46
runtracker.m4.40 kB2008-05-04 23:46
trackparam.m5.50 kB2008-05-04 23:46
interp2.mexa6412.68 kB2008-05-04 23:46
showimgs.m1.48 kB2008-05-04 23:46
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Incremental Learning for Robust Visual Tracking (8.72 MB)

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