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Data processing tools enhance performance on the General map

2014-04-23 03:09:53
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Modify the General map, map upgrade for c++ programs to use everywhere. Affect the performance of application performance bottlenecks are often the map. Especially in case of large data and tie closely to business associate could not be implemented for distributed and parallel processing of data. Map of performance becomes the most critical technologies.
For example, IP, Mac table, telephone tables, query ID number table signature cloud killing, viruses, Trojans and so on.
Map of the STL library using binary search, the worst performance. Google the hash map is currently the best performance and memory, but there are chances of repeated collisions.
My work experience in the telecommunications industry, and the information security industry found that current hash algorithm on a network query speed on network data are unable to meet the growing demands. Resulting in a write algorithm to the idea.
Now I released its own algorithm. You can test comparison, my algorithm is zero risk of collision, but the performance than the hash algorithm is also optimal.
Disclaimer: this code cannot be used for commercial purposes, can only be used for scientific research.

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Data processing tools enhance performance on the General map (349.41 kB)

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