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Androw WiFi mobile phone with PC socket communications

2014-05-08 08:23:28
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SocketSocket Visual C++Visual C++


Compressed package describes the laptop connection Sockets network programming examples, pictures and the truth, is the basis of phones and computers to control each other, each acting as a server, client, contains two major aspects of the TCP,UDP is described in detail.
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Name Size Date
01.96 kB
.classpath364.00 B2011-12-26|15:52
.project845.00 B2011-12-26|15:52
AndroidManifest.xml1.05 kB2011-12-28|17:30
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
classes.dex22.48 kB2011-12-30|16:41
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
ControlPCActivity$1.class2.26 kB2012-01-17|13:46
ControlPCActivity$2.class1.99 kB2012-01-17|13:46
ControlPCActivity$3.class2.00 kB2012-01-17|13:46
ControlPCActivity$4.class3.59 kB2012-01-17|13:46
ControlPCActivity$5.class1.27 kB2012-01-17|13:46
ControlPCActivity$6.class2.23 kB2012-01-17|13:46
ControlPCActivity$7.class3.15 kB2012-01-17|13:46
ControlPCActivity$8.class1.52 kB2012-01-17|13:46
ControlPCActivity.class9.50 kB2012-01-17|13:46
mouseActivity$1.class1.33 kB2012-01-17|13:46
mouseActivity$2.class1.13 kB2012-01-17|13:46
mouseActivity$3.class843.00 B2012-01-17|13:46
mouseActivity.class7.60 kB2012-01-17|13:46
R$attr.class325.00 B2012-01-17|13:46
R$drawable.class423.00 B2012-01-17|13:46
R$id.class1.16 kB2012-01-17|13:46
R$layout.class415.00 B2012-01-17|13:46
R$string.class412.00 B2012-01-17|13:46
R.class496.00 B2012-01-17|13:46
ControlPC.apk154.99 kB2011-12-30|16:41
01.96 kB
resources.ap_143.35 kB2011-12-30|15:39
01.96 kB
bg_chat.png129.57 kB2011-12-30|10:33
ic_launcher.png3.87 kB2011-12-30|10:33
01.96 kB
ic_launcher.png1.50 kB2011-12-30|10:33
01.96 kB
ic_launcher.png2.15 kB2011-12-30|10:33
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
R.java2.10 kB2011-12-30|11:25
proguard.cfg1.22 kB2011-12-26|15:52
project.properties361.00 B2011-12-26|15:52
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
bg_chat.png132.86 kB1980-01-01|00:00
ic_launcher.png4.05 kB2011-12-26|15:52
01.96 kB
ic_launcher.png1.68 kB2011-12-26|15:52
01.96 kB
ic_launcher.png2.51 kB2011-12-26|15:52
01.96 kB
main.xml4.45 kB2011-12-30|15:13
mouse_layout.xml1.97 kB2011-12-30|10:33
01.96 kB
strings.xml184.00 B2011-12-26|15:52
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
ControlPCActivity.java14.39 kB2011-12-30|11:42
mouseActivity.java9.63 kB2011-12-30|16:41
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
KeyboardHook.dll272.07 kB2011-12-27|19:48
KeyboardHook.lib2.51 kB2011-12-27|19:48
Keyexe.bsc5.17 MB2011-12-30|15:40
Keyexe.exe116.06 kB2011-12-30|15:40
Keyexe.ilk277.56 kB2011-12-30|15:40
Keyexe.obj13.34 kB2011-12-27|19:35
Keyexe.pch6.66 MB2011-12-22|18:15
Keyexe.pdb401.00 kB2011-12-30|15:40
Keyexe.res4.93 kB2011-12-30|11:59
Keyexe.sbr0.00 B2011-12-27|19:35
KeyexeDlg.obj59.41 kB2011-12-30|15:40
KeyexeDlg.sbr0.00 B2011-12-30|15:40
StdAfx.obj104.05 kB2011-12-22|18:15
StdAfx.sbr1.32 MB2011-12-22|18:15
vc60.idb41.00 kB2011-12-30|15:40
vc60.pdb364.00 kB2011-12-30|15:40
icon1.ico766.00 B2011-12-26|13:05
key.txt12.00 B2011-12-22|15:41
KeyboardHook.dll272.07 kB2011-12-27|19:48
KeyboardHook.lib2.51 kB2011-12-27|19:48
keydll3.H348.00 B2011-12-22|12:29
Keyexe.aps38.21 kB2011-12-30|11:59
Keyexe.clw1.86 kB2011-12-30|16:37
Keyexe.cpp3.05 kB2001-12-07|14:20
Keyexe.dsp4.38 kB2011-12-26|16:46
Keyexe.dsw537.00 B2001-12-05|12:23
Keyexe.h2.36 kB2001-12-07|14:20
Keyexe.ncb81.00 kB2011-12-30|17:34
Keyexe.opt56.50 kB2011-12-30|17:34
Keyexe.plg1.13 kB2011-12-30|15:40
Keyexe.rc7.15 kB2011-12-30|11:59
KeyexeDlg.cpp19.98 kB2011-12-30|14:42
KeyexeDlg.h3.08 kB2011-12-27|19:34
ReadMe.txt2.42 kB2001-12-07|22:07
01.96 kB
resource.h1.16 kB2011-12-27|19:35
icon1.ico766.00 B2011-12-26|14:50
Keyexe.ico1.05 kB2001-12-05|12:23
Keyexe.rc2398.00 B2001-12-05|12:23
notify.bmp1.82 kB2011-12-26|14:45
Thumbs.db6.50 kB2011-12-26|15:07
StdAfx.cpp1.35 kB2001-12-07|14:23
StdAfx.h2.06 kB2011-12-22|18:15
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Androw WiFi mobile phone with PC socket communications (5.90 MB)

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