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Meshless galerkin method 2 d source program

2014-05-10 07:55:41
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EFGM calculated source (linear elasticity 2D problem) -EFGM source method (2D linear elastic problems) meshless method (Mesh-less method) meshless method (Mesh-less method) is in numerical calculation the need to generate the grid, but according to some of the coordinates of the point interpolation function constructed arbitrarily distributed discrete control equation, you can easily simulate a variety of flow field of complex shapes.
This method can be broadly divided into two categories: one is based on Lagrange method based particle method (Particle method), as smoothed particle hydrodynamics (Smoothed particle hydrodynamics, called SPH) method, and the movement of particles in its development on the basis of half implicit (Moving-particle semi-implicit, referred to as MPS) method; the other is based on Euler method without lattice method (Gridless methods), if there is no grid Euler / N-S algorithm (Gridless Euler / Navier-Stokes solution algorithm) and free Galerkin method (Element free Galerkin, referred EFG) and so on.
Meshless method can easily use to calculate the coordinates of the point flow field simulation of complex shapes, but deficiency is more difficult to improve the accuracy of numerical flow at high Reynolds number.
Meshless method was also more common radial basis function method (Radious Basis Function), mainly using a radial basis function (such as (MQ) f (r) = r ^ 5) combined to approximate the original function. Wu Zhongmin academicians have more prominent in this respect.
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Meshless galerkin method 2 d source program (48.87 kB)

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