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TCP implementation of P2P communication, TCP through NAT method, TCP holes

2014-05-16 09:14:02
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There are many on-line through TCP NAT (ie TCP holes) introductory article, but unfortunately I did not find the relevant source code can refer to, I use their spare time to write a TCP can be achieved through the NAT, so that different private network host a direct source code TCP communication.
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Name Size Date
global.cpp1.16 kB22-07-07 11:32
global.h10.86 kB23-07-07 23:03
TCP实现P2P通信、TCP穿越NAT的方法、TCP打洞(附源代码).doc157.50 kB24-07-07 02:02
<Bin>0.00 B24-07-07 02:04
TcpHoleClt-A.exe24.00 kB24-07-07 01:24
TcpHoleClt-B.exe24.00 kB24-07-07 01:24
TcpHoleSrv.exe24.00 kB24-07-07 01:24
程序执行步骤和方法.txt607.00 B24-07-07 02:04
<TcpHoleClt>0.00 B24-07-07 02:08
Resource.h451.00 B22-07-07 14:22
StdAfx.cpp297.00 B22-07-07 14:22
StdAfx.h1.13 kB22-07-07 14:22
TcpHoleClt.clw406.00 B22-07-07 14:22
TcpHoleClt.cpp20.36 kB24-07-07 01:06
TcpHoleClt.dsp4.36 kB23-07-07 02:21
TcpHoleClt.h379.00 B22-07-07 14:22
TcpHoleClt.plg1.87 kB24-07-07 01:24
TcpHoleClt.rc1.42 kB22-07-07 14:22
TcpHoleClt_A.dsw545.00 B22-07-07 14:22
TcpHoleClt_A.ncb65.00 kB24-07-07 02:08
TcpHoleClt_A.opt47.50 kB24-07-07 02:08
TcpHoleClt_B.dsw545.00 B22-07-07 14:22
TcpHoleClt_B.ncb81.00 kB24-07-07 01:24
TcpHoleClt_B.opt47.50 kB24-07-07 01:24
<TcpHoleSrv>0.00 B24-07-07 02:08
Resource.h451.00 B22-07-07 10:26
SockClient.cpp10.34 kB23-07-07 19:11
SockClient.h1.77 kB23-07-07 12:11
StdAfx.cpp297.00 B22-07-07 10:26
StdAfx.h1.13 kB22-07-07 10:30
TcpHoleSrv.aps16.53 kB23-07-07 13:42
TcpHoleSrv.clw406.00 B22-07-07 10:47
TcpHoleSrv.cpp4.39 kB23-07-07 18:03
TcpHoleSrv.dsp4.48 kB22-07-07 13:35
TcpHoleSrv.dsw545.00 B22-07-07 10:26
TcpHoleSrv.h379.00 B22-07-07 10:41
TcpHoleSrv.ncb113.00 kB24-07-07 02:08
TcpHoleSrv.opt48.50 kB24-07-07 02:08
TcpHoleSrv.plg1.97 kB24-07-07 01:24
TcpHoleSrv.rc1.42 kB22-07-07 10:26
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TCP implementation of P2P communication, TCP through NAT method, TCP holes (161.28 kB)

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