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Real-time voice communication control

2014-06-11 03:35:20
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1) 利用多线程机制,实现录音、网络传输、放音同时进行。
2) 网络壅塞处理,保证数据不丢失。
1)正常网速下:nAudioIn 在 nSend 之前, nReceive 在 nAuioOu t之前,周而复始的走下去。
接收端:因为录、放音的采样频率设置为相等,故不可能出现 nReceive 在n AudioOut 之后,
发送端:nAudioIn 绕一圈反追上 nSend,于是将数据接在当前块的尾部,以待发送

接收端:nAudioOut 追上 nReceive 后,发现没有数据可播放了,就“空转”。


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Name Size Date
getdxver.exe24.00 kB22-04-04 16:01
MySock.cpp669.00 B22-04-04 16:01
MySock.h1.15 kB22-04-04 16:01
myvoip.aps20.57 kB22-04-04 16:01
myvoip.clw1.04 kB22-04-04 16:01
myvoip.cpp1.90 kB22-04-04 16:01
myvoip.def220.00 B22-04-04 16:01
myvoip.dsp9.11 kB22-04-04 16:01
myvoip.dsw535.00 B22-04-04 16:01
myvoip.h952.00 B22-04-04 16:01
myvoip.ico1.05 kB22-04-04 16:01
myvoip.ncb11.37 MB12-06-08 14:54
myvoip.odl1.91 kB22-04-04 16:01
myvoip.opt69.00 kB22-04-04 16:01
myvoip.plg3.49 kB22-04-04 16:01
myvoip.rc4.09 kB22-04-04 16:01
myvoip.sln1.32 kB12-06-08 14:54
myvoip.suo16.50 kB12-06-08 14:54
myvoip.vcproj20.24 kB12-06-08 14:54
myvoip.vcproj.GNET-CED62AFB9B.user.user2.56 kB12-06-08 14:54
MyvoipCtl.bmp238.00 B22-04-04 16:01
MyvoipCtl.cpp35.04 kB22-04-04 16:01
MyvoipCtl.h3.33 kB22-04-04 16:01
MyvoipPpg.cpp2.32 kB22-04-04 16:01
MyvoipPpg.h1.38 kB22-04-04 16:01
Resource.h541.00 B22-04-04 16:01
Sound.cpp10.76 kB22-04-04 16:01
Sound.h1.34 kB22-04-04 16:01
SoundManager.cpp14.70 kB22-04-04 16:01
SoundManager.h1.60 kB22-04-04 16:01
StdAfx.cpp204.00 B22-04-04 16:01
StdAfx.h1.18 kB22-04-04 16:01
StreamingSound.cpp7.63 kB22-04-04 16:01
StreamingSound.h961.00 B22-04-04 16:01
WaveFile.cpp18.91 kB22-04-04 16:01
WaveFile.h1.66 kB22-04-04 16:01
使用说明.CHM48.94 kB30-11-04 03:27
<Debug>0.00 B12-06-08 14:54
<www.cnzz.cn>0.00 B12-06-08 14:54
<实时语音通信的控件>0.00 B13-06-08 11:15
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