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Tsai 3d camera calibration

2014-06-12 03:38:25
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n many computer vision applications a camera already calibrated is considered. This means that a model of the internal camera parameters is available. This model can be provided by the manufacturer or computed using a known target (usually a chessboard plane) This situation, called pose estimation, just needs to recover the six parameters relative to the position and orientation of the camera.

One of the most popular calibration method is the well-known Tsai camera calibration method that is suitable for a wide area of application since it can deal with coplanar and non-coplanar points. It also offers the possibility to calibrate internal and external parameters separately. This option is particularly useful since it gives the possibility to fix the internal parameters of the camera, when known, and carry out only pose estimation.

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Name Size Date
01.96 kB
cminpack.c13.05 kB2006-07-10 23:56
cminpack.h1.38 kB2006-07-03 01:51
m3.c2.68 kB2006-06-21 04:13
m3.h1.23 kB2006-07-06 09:11
matrix.c20.57 kB2006-07-08 00:18
matrix.h8.15 kB2006-07-08 00:16
Tsai3D.vcproj3.88 kB2006-07-16 00:11
Calib.txt590.00 B2006-07-16 02:12
main_.c4.60 kB2006-07-16 02:04
tsai3D.h7.10 kB2006-07-16 02:04
tsai3D.c21.53 kB2006-07-16 02:08
Tsai3D.suo13.50 kB2006-07-16 02:12
Tsai3D.sln901.00 B2006-07-16 02:12
Tsai3D.ncb83.00 kB2006-07-16 02:12
data.txt26.37 kB1995-10-28 15:09
01.96 kB
BuildLog.htm2.59 kB2006-07-16 02:12
data.txt26.37 kB1995-10-28 15:09
Tsai3D.exe200.00 kB2006-07-16 02:12
Calib.txt590.00 B2006-07-16 02:13
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Tsai 3d camera calibration (124.26 kB)

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