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802.16 System, Full ver.

2014-07-23 03:32:44
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This simulator is 802.16 System full version and it was made according to the official standards.

It supports a number of modulation modes such BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM and 64QAM.


All the different stages of the system are called from this function.

These stages are the encoder, the transmitter, the channel, the receiver and the decoder.

The channel, through which the information and noise travel, is also simulated here.


Each simulation depends on the signal to noise ratio of the system, type of modulation, size of the cyclic

prefix, the channel that we are simulating, if the data is encoded or not and the number of bits sent; not to forgetthe bandwidth that we have available.


When the whole simulation is finished, the value of the BER is returned, with which a graph is shown that is of interest.

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File list

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Name Size Date
BERtheoretical.m3.03 kB2008-08-26 12:02
CIRpowers.m2.58 kB2008-08-26 13:02
ReedSolomon.m2.37 kB2008-08-27 15:33
TestBW.m2.21 kB2008-08-25 19:11
TestCP.m2.19 kB2008-08-25 18:53
TestChannels.m2.10 kB2008-08-26 12:49
TestEncode.m2.23 kB2008-08-26 12:09
TestMods.m2.41 kB2008-08-25 18:53
bin_coef.dll40.00 kB2001-08-31 15:30
bin_coef.m866.00 B2001-08-31 15:30
bit_symbol.m4.57 kB2008-09-01 03:02
channelSUI.m3.05 kB2008-08-26 12:38
createsymbol.m1.48 kB2008-08-31 17:24
cyclic.m1.49 kB2008-08-31 18:06
decoder.m3.53 kB2008-08-27 14:44
draw.m2.90 kB2008-09-01 00:13
encoder.m2.51 kB2008-08-27 13:26
estimatechannel.m1.35 kB2008-08-31 18:26
extract_data.m1.47 kB2008-09-01 00:04
find_index.m1,020.00 B2008-09-01 03:05
generatedata.m3.33 kB2008-08-26 15:12
generatepilot.m2.40 kB2008-08-31 17:12
genh.m1.92 kB2008-08-26 13:12
gray2bi.m770.00 B2008-09-01 03:03
graytable.m929.00 B2001-08-31 15:30
interleaving.m3.12 kB2008-08-30 03:24
mapping.m3.01 kB2008-08-30 04:16
noise.m1.23 kB2008-08-27 13:56
parameters_SUI.m2.80 kB2008-08-27 14:51
parameters_constellation.m1.62 kB2008-09-01 00:34
pb_pam_ray.m2.28 kB2004-02-13 14:59
pb_psk_ray.m5.48 kB2001-08-31 15:30
pb_qam_ray.m1.51 kB2004-02-13 14:59
random.m1.81 kB2008-08-27 15:10
receiver.m1.53 kB2008-08-27 13:49
substrleft.m849.00 B2008-09-01 03:27
systems.m3.97 kB2008-08-26 15:21
transmitter.m1.61 kB2008-08-27 13:37
viterbi.m3.01 kB2008-08-27 16:05
wimax.m9.31 kB2008-09-20 17:21
license.txt1.28 kB2014-02-12 12:39
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802.16 System, Full ver. (48.72 kB)

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