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dc motor control using atmal

2014-08-03 05:26:03
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A vehicle tracking system combines the installation
of an electronic device in a vehicle, or fleet of
vehicles, with purpose-designed computer software to
enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle's
location, collecting data in the process. Modern
vehicle tracking systems commonly use Global
Positioning System (GPS) technology for locating the
vehicle, but other types of automatic vehicle location
technology can also be used. Vehicle information can
be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or
specialized software. In the main they are easy to
steal, and the average motorist has very little
knowledge of what it is all about. To avoid this kind of
steal we are going to implement a system it provides
more security to the vehicle. Existing System: In the
previous system security lock and alarm is
implemented in a car. If a burglar can break open the
lock, then it becomes easy for the burglar to steal the
car. And in old security system if the car is stolen then
it is out of the owner control. User doesn’t have any
awareness about the current location of
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OUTPUT.pdsprj18.04 kB01-08-14|20:10
OUTPUT.pdsprj.uniq-PC.uniq.workspace3.62 kB03-08-14|13:25
project14.73 kB03-08-14|12:41
project1.c867.00 B02-08-14|18:45
project1.hex996.00 B03-08-14|12:41
project1.lnp49.00 B03-08-14|12:41
project1.LST2.70 kB03-08-14|12:41
project1.M517.90 kB03-08-14|12:41
project1.OBJ4.79 kB03-08-14|12:41
project1.plg533.00 B03-08-14|13:23
project1.uvopt71.32 kB03-08-14|13:23
project1.uvproj13.09 kB01-08-14|20:10
project1_uvopt.bak71.31 kB03-08-14|12:15
project1_uvproj.bak0.00 B01-08-14|18:34
STARTUP.A516.23 kB06-09-10|23:00
STARTUP.LST13.72 kB03-08-14|12:41
STARTUP.OBJ749.00 B03-08-14|12:41
motor0.00 B03-08-14|13:23
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dc motor control using atmal (45.82 kB)

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