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speaker recognition with NN

2014-08-13 02:28:27
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Speaker recognition or voice recognition is the task of recognizing people from their voices. Such systems extract features from speech, model them and use them to recognize the person from his/her voice. Speaker recognition has a history dating back some four decades, where the output of several analog filters was averaged over time for matching. Speaker recognition uses the acoustic features of speech that have been found to differ between individuals. These acoustic patterns reflect both anatomy (e.g., size and shape of the throat and mouth) and learned behavioral patterns (e.g., voice pitch, speaking style). This incorporation of learned patterns into the voice templates (the latter called "voiceprints") has earned speaker recognition its classification as a "behavioral biometric." 

Speaker recognition systems employ three styles of spoken input: text-dependent, text-prompted and text-independent. Most speaker verification applications use text-dependent input, which involves selection and enrollment of one or morevoice passwords. Text-prompted input is used whenever there is concern of imposters. The various technologies used to process and store voiceprints includes hidden Markov models, pattern matching algorithms, neural networks, matrix representation and decision trees. Some systems also use "anti-speaker" techniques, such as cohort models, and world models. Ambient noise levels can impede both collection of the initial and subsequent voice samples. Performance degradation can result from changes in behavioral attributes of the voice and from enrollment using one telephone and verification on another telephone. Voice changes due to aging also need to be addressed by recognition systems. 
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enframe.p1.79 kB2006-07-12 11:30
findvoice.p2.75 kB2006-07-12 11:30
melbankm.p5.92 kB2006-07-12 11:30
melcepst.p9.09 kB2006-07-12 11:30
prova.p4.11 kB2006-07-12 11:30
rdct.p2.59 kB2006-07-12 11:30
readme.p126.00 B2006-07-12 11:30
rfft.p2.01 kB2006-07-12 11:30
sourcecode.p126.00 B2006-07-12 11:30
speakerann.p22.80 kB2006-07-12 11:30
s1.wav24.54 kB1999-06-09 20:46
s10.wav95.75 kB2005-12-08 19:35
s11.wav101.61 kB2005-12-08 19:36
s2.wav27.54 kB1999-06-09 20:46
s3.wav37.04 kB1999-06-09 20:46
s4.wav31.04 kB1999-06-09 20:46
s5.wav32.04 kB1999-06-09 20:46
s6.wav33.04 kB1999-06-09 20:46
s7.wav28.54 kB1999-06-09 20:46
s8.wav28.04 kB1999-06-09 20:46
s9.wav94.28 kB2005-12-08 19:35
01.96 kB
s1.wav25.54 kB1999-06-09 20:45
s10.wav108.44 kB2005-12-08 19:36
s11.wav80.61 kB2005-12-08 19:36
s2.wav26.54 kB1999-06-09 20:45
s3.wav26.04 kB1999-06-09 20:45
s4.wav29.04 kB1999-06-09 20:45
s5.wav35.54 kB1999-06-09 20:45
s6.wav29.04 kB1999-06-09 20:45
s7.wav28.04 kB1999-06-09 20:45
s8.wav28.54 kB1999-06-09 20:45
s9.wav98.68 kB2005-12-08 19:36
01.96 kB
gpl.txt17.90 kB2006-06-14 09:10
readme.m3.05 kB2006-06-14 09:21
sourcecode.m1.76 kB2006-06-14 09:21
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speaker recognition with NN (625.49 kB)

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