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HTML5 audio player

2014-08-15 10:40:01
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HTML5Json music player, effect is very good.

This Jquery plugin is a second HTML5 music players, unlike the playlist data into Json data , Player speakker develop and come! A great deal of work, see kernel code, he watched the last two days, Internet users take advantage of Oh ...

Using HTML5 and CSS3 's sake, so users do not use IE browser at browse time to run, in order to let users see if using Google, Firefox, browse the open run.

Includes the following features:

1. denial of HTML+div die layout, the whole interface uses the HTML5 canvas tag drawing!
2. living in the bottom of the browser!
3. click the rightmost icon to eject and retract a playlist, dynamic buttons a total of more than 10,000 lines of code!

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File list

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Name Size Date
01.97 kB
album-cover.png14.38 kB2011-01-23 13:35
buffering.gif3.13 kB2011-03-05 16:05
01.97 kB
sk-controlbg.png171.00 B2011-02-25 14:47
sk-dark.png36.60 kB2011-02-25 14:47
sk-leftblock.png877.00 B2011-02-25 14:47
sk-middleblock.png1.78 kB2011-02-25 14:47
sk-rightblock.png886.00 B2011-02-25 14:47
Thumbs.db12.50 kB2013-06-11 15:23
01.97 kB
sk-controlbg.png165.00 B2011-02-25 14:47
sk-leftblock.png773.00 B2011-02-25 14:47
sk-light.png31.65 kB2011-02-25 14:47
sk-middleblock.png1.67 kB2011-02-25 14:47
sk-rightblock.png997.00 B2011-02-25 14:47
Thumbs.db5.50 kB2013-06-11 15:19
ms-album-cover.png9.13 kB2011-02-25 14:47
ms-label.png5.76 kB2011-02-25 14:47
sk-copyright.png201.00 B2011-01-23 13:35
sk-edit.png380.00 B2011-01-12 10:03
sk-heart.png1.64 kB2011-02-25 14:47
sk-label.png7.52 kB2011-01-12 10:03
sk-lastfm.png708.00 B2011-01-12 10:03
sk-nocover.png943.00 B2011-01-12 10:03
speakker.ico5.55 kB2011-01-12 10:03
speakker.png5.03 kB2011-01-12 10:03
Thumbs.db28.00 kB2013-06-11 15:19
index.html819.00 B2014-02-11 14:22
01.97 kB
jquery.min.js70.49 kB2013-06-02 12:27
playlist.js4.35 kB2013-06-09 21:15
playlist.json4.35 kB2013-06-09 21:15
speakker-big.js267.02 kB2013-06-11 15:57
01.97 kB
noise.js1.05 kB2011-09-26 11:16
readme.css5.25 kB2013-06-11 15:25
01.97 kB
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HTML5 audio player (241.63 kB)

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