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Leach Protocol Matlab code

2014-09-09 03:19:42
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Leach Protocol improvement of cluster-head selection algorithm and simulation in improvement of LEACH. H agreement on the cluster head node in the electoral process, and residual energy full consideration of the cluster head node, set the energy thresholds the cluster head, preventing the cluster head node of power. Based on the introduction of cluster-head adjustment process, this process by eliminating close neighbors cluster heads and add necessary cluster head, to a certain extent the problems in LEACH Protocol so as to balance energy consumption and prolong survival purposes. Network simulation proves the feasibility of new algorithms
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LEACH.m8.06 kB19-08-14 10:46
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very nice


The efficient is very clear. Basically, it performs the function, just right. Definitely using it.

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Leach Protocol Matlab code (2.39 kB)

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