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Magnifying glass effect on Android in the picture (magnifying glass)

2014-09-10 23:04:42
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Name Size Date
01.96 kB
.classpath288.00 B2012-09-23|10:58
.project846.00 B2011-03-29|22:38
AndroidManifest.xml680.00 B2011-03-29|22:38
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
HelloWorld.apk340.42 kB2012-09-23|11:19
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
HelloWorld.class733.00 B2012-09-23|11:18
R$attr.class331.00 B2012-09-23|11:18
R$drawable.class577.00 B2012-09-23|11:18
R$id.class411.00 B2012-09-23|11:18
R$layout.class385.00 B2012-09-23|11:18
R$string.class418.00 B2012-09-23|11:18
R.class510.00 B2012-09-23|11:18
ZoomView$1.class979.00 B2012-09-23|11:18
ZoomView$Magnifier.class2.14 kB2012-09-23|11:18
ZoomView.class5.18 kB2012-09-23|11:18
classes.dex7.97 kB2012-09-23|11:19
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
icon.png2.15 kB2012-09-23|11:19
magnifier.png10.82 kB2012-09-23|11:19
magnifier_handle.png2.10 kB2012-09-23|11:19
mask.png2.93 kB2012-09-23|11:19
resources.ap_334.44 kB2012-09-23|11:19
default.properties120.00 B2012-09-23|10:58
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
R.java1.08 kB2012-09-23|11:18
project.properties445.00 B2012-09-23|10:57
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
bg.png156.40 kB2012-09-23|11:17
icon.png2.51 kB2011-03-29|22:38
magnifier.png10.88 kB2011-03-29|22:38
magnifier_handle.png2.16 kB2011-03-29|22:38
mask.png5.61 kB2011-03-29|22:38
max.jpg156.40 kB2012-09-23|10:38
01.96 kB
main.xml426.00 B2012-09-23|11:04
01.96 kB
color.xml114.00 B2011-03-29|22:38
strings.xml171.00 B2011-03-29|22:38
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
HelloWorld.java455.00 B2012-09-23|11:06
ZoomView.java5.04 kB2011-03-29|22:38
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Magnifying glass effect on Android in the picture (magnifying glass) (979.33 kB)

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