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Information on Hadoop

2014-09-12 07:46:12
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Hadoop Map Reduce can provide a better understanding of the content, and explain how to install a Hadoop, how to configure Hadoop and Linux environments, such as SSH, and Hadoop in data processing applications, such as.
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<每天一个linux命令>0.00 B332411 94%
@@@Linux下安装Hadoop完全分布式(Ubuntu12.10)_百度经验.pdf472.39 kB28-08-14 21:47
CentOS6.2下jdk-7u2-linux-i586.tar.gz的安装方法_众里寻她千百度_新浪博客.pdf368.91 kB27-08-14 18:58
linux?CentOS?6.5?中安装与配置JDK-7_梦幻飞雪_新浪博客.pdf363.12 kB27-08-14 18:55
linux搭建hadoop环境.pdf126.39 kB26-08-14 13:28
Linux系统下如何配置SSH?如何开启SSH_百度经验.pdf407.30 kB28-08-14 22:22
linux下tar命令解压到指定的目录_曹毅涵_新浪博客.pdf241.53 kB27-08-14 18:51
scp命令-wangbaolin719-ChinaUnix博客.pdf254.04 kB27-08-14 21:14
<ubuntu下hadoop的部署>0.00 B595604 95%
<VMware安装CentOS>0.00 B411923 93%
<对>0.00 B.pdf 574873
<看CentOS系统如何安装JDK>0.00 B89% 27-08-14
Thumbs.db54.50 kB01-09-14 16:42
(英文版)大数据?互联网大规模数据挖掘与分布式处理.pdf2.31 MB07-07-14 21:17
大数据:互联网大规模数据挖掘与分布式处理迷你书.pdf33.30 MB07-07-14 21:17
hadoop的安装.pdf123.68 kB27-08-14 20:58
mapreduce.ppt847.00 kB22-08-14 14:56
<hadoop>0.00 B17% 22-08-14
hadoop的安装.ppt65.50 kB22-08-14 14:55
<Hadoop>0.00 B406016 42618
MapReduce_2.ppt171.50 kB22-08-14 14:55
HDFS介绍.doc116.00 kB22-08-14 14:55
<Hadoop>0.00 B440907 313067
<大数据:互联网大规模数据挖掘与分布式处理>0.00 B01-09-14 16:41
<Hadoop>0.00 B0% 01-09-14
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