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Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm for wireless sensor network

2014-09-16 21:32:04
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This resource contains a wide variety of particle swarm optimization algorithm code, standard Particle Swarm Optimization as well as improved Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm for the code, and improved Particle Swarm Optimization (social Particle Swarm Optimization) applied optimization problems in wireless sensor network coverage, there is perception for different models, different nodes simulate and test code coverage. So we can see that society than standard model Particle Swarm algorithm in optimization of particle swarm optimization algorithm better.

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File list

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Name Size Date
DrawCircle.m683.00 B09-11-12 19:42
Fitness_MPB.m1.51 kB09-11-12 19:42
Fitness_Wsn.asv797.00 B09-11-12 19:42
Fitness_Wsn.m797.00 B09-11-12 19:42
MPB_change.m4.67 kB09-11-12 19:42
offline_error.m1,008.00 B09-11-12 19:42
pso.m2.94 kB21-09-13 21:30
Rastrigin.m103.00 B09-11-12 19:42
WSN.m2.44 kB09-11-12 19:42
get_parameters.m2.46 kB09-11-12 19:42
Improved_SPSO.m4.16 kB09-11-12 19:42
SPSO.m3.69 kB09-11-12 19:42
StdPSO.m1.74 kB09-11-12 19:42
VFA.m1.42 kB09-11-12 19:42
Ackley.m186.00 B09-11-12 19:42
Fitness_benchmark.m718.00 B09-11-12 19:42
Griewank.m177.00 B09-11-12 19:42
Rosenbrock.m158.00 B09-11-12 19:42
Sphere.m75.00 B09-11-12 19:42
<参数设置>0.00 B09-11-12 21:54
<各种PSO及VFA>0.00 B21-09-13 21:21
<测试函数>0.00 B14-11-12 09:02
<程序>0.00 B17-09-14 09:00
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正在用到, 希望好用,特别是有约束条件的时候,目标函数不知道怎么设置。


I really want to find the code, so I read the code and then continue to comment on its good or bad

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Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm for wireless sensor network (12.12 kB)

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